Scissors 04 Introduction

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Scissors 04 Introduction

This subsection has text and images from an interactive multimedia training program on basic surgical skills called 
PrimeSkills in Surgery.
You can use this subsection on its own or follow the whole program (further details at the end of this subsection).

Stitch scissors are the basic surgical instrument in this program.

They have several features which need to be known from the outset, since they are utilised in subtle ways by the expert surgeon.

These may not be obvious to the beginner.

There is an enormous range of sizes and shapes of scissors in surgery.

1013100000 assorted clipped.JPG

Stitch scissors are no exception.

101310000 various stitch scissors.jpg

You may get little option as to which stitch scissors you have to use, so be aware of the hazards of the different designs.

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