Retractors 04 Introduction

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Retractors 04 Introduction

This subsection has text and images from an interactive multimedia training program on basic surgical skills called 
PrimeSkills in Surgery.
You can use this subsection on its own or follow the whole program (further details at the end of this subsection).

Retracting is one of the commonest functions of the assistant.

It may sound simple, but you need to focus on it to get the best results.

RETRACTING means holding the tissues so that the surgeon can see and work in the operating area.

It requires skill, and often strength and endurance.

The assistant's handling of retractors will have a big influence on the success of an operation as well

as minimising his/her effort and fatigue.

By the end of the Retractors section, you will be familiar with many of the commonest retractors used in surgery.

You should be able to adapt rapidly to the remainder.

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