Gloves 03 Introduction

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Gloves 03 Introduction

This subsection has text and images from an interactive multimedia training program on basic surgical skills called 
PrimeSkills in Surgery.
You can use this subsection on its own or follow the whole program (further details at the end of this subsection).

All operations in surgery are performed with the surgeon wearing gloves.

Therefore all the basic surgical skills in this program should be performed from the start with the trainee wearing gloves.

It will feel strange and clumsy at first because of some loss of sensation and the resistance of the glove fabric.

Perspiration due to your concentrating may make the inside of the gloves uncomfortable.

You will get used to the gloves after an hour or two.

When you try fitting the gloves on:

Check they are non-rubber if you have a rubber allergy.

Check they are not too big.

Big glove.JPG

No wrinkles.

No loose fingers, palms and wrists.

Check they are not too small and tight.

Small Gloves.jpg

No webbed fingers.

No cramping of the palm.

Check the fingers of the gloves are pulled to the ends of your fingers and thumb.

No floppy ends.

Floppy ends.jpg

If the gloves tear when you are pulling them on, you are probably a bit tense.

Torn glove.jpg

Just loosen up a little!

Top Tips

The inside of surgical gloves contain a lubricant of variable quality. If your skin is even a little damp, the gloves may be difficult to put on. Always dry each finger and thumb separately and thoroughly. This will lead to easy glove handling.

If you have to change gloves during an operation, dry your hands and fingers thoroughly again to remove any moistness of your skin from perspiration. Or use a pair of gloves that is one size larger than normal.

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