This element, whose activation is optional and free, provides secure and private data storage and backup, together with an amazing web dashboard to access your data thorough the web. Just tap the social icons in the shot or session details and a badge-image will be immediately created for you, so you can share it through your own profiles. About the Beretta A400 Xplor Action Semi-Auto Shotgun KO 28" bbl 20 Ga. Blue/Walnut ~ Perfect for any hunting outing as well as for the sporting range, the Beretta A400 Xplor Action offers 4 shots in less than 1 second, extremely low recoil, natural swing and absolute durability. The bore is chrome-plated to facilitate cleaning and minimize wear and corrosion. In this case, the black polymer in- sert is located on the cap (the bottom part of the grip), with the words "Ready for GunPod" clearly visible. This also has the new 2nd generation of … Enjoy (and share) your hunting experience everywhere you can get an Internet access! (2)Smartphone’s localization services can be turned off at any time Bid Now., .icon { display: inline-block;width: 1em;height: 1em;stroke-width: 0;stroke: currentColor;fill: #808080;} Box 7508 Covington, WA 98042. The “padella ”  is not something dangerous, but how an Italian hunter will call an easy shot that missed the target, causing great shame on the shooter! This is done for all your shotguns or just for a selection of them, at your convenience. You can use the GunPod 2 for free also for other outdoor activities (i.e. Share a shot or a full session on Facebook and Twitter. .footer-social li.twitter .icon:hover{fill: #00acee;} Thanks to the patented on-board Bluetooth shot-counter, the shotgun connects with your smartphone to collect the most important moments of the hunting session (shots, path, photos and videos) in a smart digital diary with built-in statistics. A successful shot should never go unnoticed and, in fact, it won’t! BERETTA 92X. Once received the information of the shot from the on-board shot-counter, the GunPod 2 app takes care of collecting all the shot information into your secure and private records, creating the diary of your hunting day*. Shop clay shooting or hunting gear and supplies from Beretta eStore. The new owner has no access to your GunPod 2 data. This is a free and optional feature allowing you to get the best benefits from the GunPod 2 system and it can be enabled or disabled at any time. And if you shoot a “padella”, then you can delete the shot from the stream to prevent your friends to have fun of you! Quality without compromise is what has driven Beretta to create some of the best performing firearms since the early 1500s. And if you need to change the battery? The internet has responded to gun tech in some of the following ways: “I hate ‘smart’ everything. * Activating the blue led by pressing the button Used in factory case. Free and secure cloud data storage and backup, Possibility to see again every activity from the smartphone, immediately after the end of each session. The GunPod 2 system has been designed by hunters for hunters upon a solid principle: improve and extend the hunting experience, without altering the shotgun’s essence and without disturbing the hunter. Multiple selection allowed, 100% privacy when you sell your shotgun Find out why Beretta is considered the most reliable firearm available. The site navigation utilizes arrow, enter, escape, and space bar key commands. The GunPod 2 system allows you to synchronize(3) your data with the secure GunPod 2 server providing a cloud-based storage service. Secure and private access (login required). Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy | Do Not Sell My Info -  CA Residents | CA Privacy Rights | CA Transparency in Supply Chain Act | User Submissions. Beretta GunPod 2 device suitable for A400 Lite stock. by the user at the level of the operating system. Bid Now. Stop wondering how many cartridges you shot last month or how many miles you walked with your dog: GunPod 2 will hold these statistics for you! Localization is recommended to get the best of the GunPod 2 system. No need to turn the shotgun ON and OFF: the shotgun is in an intelligent, battery saving stand-by. And if you sell your shotgun? $51.00. A smart solution for connecting the shotgun with the smartphone, minimizing the battery consumption of both them (patent pending). Beretta J40AS16. Fits: All hunting A400 shotguns with wood stocks in 12 gauge. A small battery allows the blue led to advise on the good state of the device and ensures maximum reliability at the same time, providing the outstanding battery life of 5.000+ shots* (more than the average hunter will do in the entire lifetime of the shotgun!). Gun is NIB, unfired, with all factory accessories, including warranty. It can track your hunting path, shots taken, and store all that information in the cloud. The upgrade is very easy and just requires the purchase of the GunPod 2 shot-counter, whose installation procedure is described in the user manual available at A look at the "Blink" system featured in the A400 line of Beretta shotguns. (3)The synchronization process is optional and. This unit is compatible with A400 XPLOR Action or A400 XCEL either with “Ready for Gunpod” (black cap on pistol grip), or as an upgrade replacement for your GunPod equipped A400. The semi-automatic Beretta A400 Xplor shotgun features Blink technology for rapid firing of up to four shots per second, a distinctive bronze receiver, a Gun Pod device that provides details about every shot, a recoil reduction system including hydraulic shock-absorbers, an Optima-Bore HP choke for consistency and accuracy, and a Steelium barrel. And if you want to do more, for example adding a photo or a video, then you can do it at any time by taking out the smartphone from your pocket when you want (remember safety rules, always!). Comes with Gunpod. Would you like to log into Beretta using your logged in facebook information? Beretta A400 Lite KickOff Plus Stock and GunPod 2 12 Ga, 26" Barrel, 3", Black Synthetic Stock. Bear Arms Inc. dba Physical: 15220 SE 272nd "#B" Kent, WA 98042 Mailing: P.O. At the bottom of the pistol grip, Beretta's Gun Pod, which counts the number of shells fired, read out on a digital display, plus the temperature and more (extra on most A400s). All your hunting sessions grouped into a handy list always into your pocket. The highlights of your hunting sessions, along with photos and videos, finally collected in a handy digital archive. .footer-social li.facebook .icon:hover{fill: #3b5998;} Beretta 400 Lite Synthetic 12ga, 3', NIC, Gun Pod Description: Beretta 400 Lite Synthetic, 12ga with 3" chambers. International Handgun Defence Shooting Course, Configurator area strictly reserved for Beretta, iOS (iOS7 or above) on iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, Android (4.4.x or above) on smartphones with Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy (BLE). And when you need to know your localization, just go back to the app and swipe left to the session summary: you will immediately se your current position in latitude and longitude coordinates. GunPod 2 makes everything easier: just press the Beretta logo at the top-left of each screen and the Emergency Call option will appear, allowing you to immediately call the number you set in the app preferences (911 is set by default and you can change it at any time). The Beretta GunPod 2 is a smart digital system powering a new way to enjoy hunting. The favored features of the A400 platform are available in a left-handed configuration with the Beretta A400 Xplor Action semi-automatic shotgun. No need to put the shotgun in charge! Places and text notes can be pinned on the map,in order for you to be able to find the same location in the future. Buyers choice of 26, 28 or 30" barrels. Compatible with GunPod2 free app, GUNPOD2 – The digital hunting diary for your Beretta A400. The GunPod 2 statistics will summarize to you all about your hunting scores, by providing the total shot count and the data breakdowns by day, by success, by load and by type. An amazing web dashboard to see and manage your data You can tell to the application that you hit your target and, with just two taps, the app will turn your successful shot green in both map and stream, giving you also the possibility to select your target from a list or to choose a custom name. Once completed, a session will be immediately and securely stored inside the app’s archive and it will be ready to be enjoyed again directly on the smartphone. can be disabled at any time in the app preferences. Then all you have to do is to start the app, begin a session and put your smartphone in your pocket. 1. Learn more about Beretta GunPod2 Where did your brother hit his first pheasant? will reduce the battery life! Stop wondering how many cartridges you shot last month or how many miles you walked with your dog: GunPod 2 will hold these statistics for you! This option gives every hunter an amazing possibility: to test the GunPod 2 system for free! The GunPod 2 will do the rest, in background, without requiring you to use the smartphone for the whole session. $1 No Reserve Gun Auctions; Low Seller Fees; 2 X26 HAND HELD TASERS WITH NO BATTERIES. Left and right arrows move across top level links and expand / close menus in sub levels. No Bluetooth® pairing required. The highlights of your hunting sessions, along with photos and videos, finally collected in a handy digital archive. SN is XA1875xx. A shotgun should always remain a shotgun and technology must apply to it in a respectful way! Beretta A400 Shotgun Xcel Review Beretta A400 Shotgun Xcel In the event of low battery, the shot-counter will keep working and storing the new shot count on the on-board memory (only the wireless communication needs the battery, not the shot detection and count).