Sutures 12 Tests

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Sutures 12 Tests

This subsection has text from an interactive multimedia training program on basic 
surgical skills called PrimeSkills in Surgery.
You can use this subsection on its own or follow the whole program (further details at the end of 
this subsection).

1. How many grams of pull are a safe maximum for drawing the skin edges together?




2. Which suture material is absorbable?




3. Which of these sutures are monofilament?


Polyglactin (Vicryl)

Polypropylene (Prolene)

4. Which suture material is suitable for the subcutaneous layer?


Polyglycolic acid (Dexon).


5. What is a swage?

The curve of the needle.

The zig-zags in an unstretched suture

Where the suture joins the needle.

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