Sutures 09 Exercises

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Sutures 09 Exercises

This subsection has text from an interactive multimedia training program on basic 
surgical skills called PrimeSkills in Surgery.
You can use this subsection on its own or follow the whole program (further details at the end of 
this subsection).

1. Stretch the 2 sutures below to straighten zig-zags.

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3/0 Vicryl. - 1000gm.

2/0 Vicryl. - 1300gm.

You will feel the Vicryl sutures lengthening slightly as the zig-zags disappear permanently. The sutures are then easier to handle.

(The sutures will break with pulls of 1500gm. and 6000gm. respectively.)

2. Stretch number 1 Nylon.

The suture feels springy, but does not stretch like Vicryl.

Zig-zags will be reduced to about 50% of the original with a pull of 3000gm.

This makes handling a little easier.

You will probably not to be able to break the suture because of discomfort in your hand at a steady pull of 5000gm.

You can probably snap the suture with a sudden jerking pull.

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