Sutures 07 How to use sutures

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Sutures 07 How to use sutures

This subsection has text from an interactive multimedia training program on basic 
surgical skills called PrimeSkills in Surgery.
You can use this subsection on its own or follow the whole program (further details at the end of 
this subsection).

The more technical details of sutures will be covered in Section 13 Tying knots(Tying knots 01 Recall Screen)

and Section 14 Suturing simulated skin (Suturing simulated skin 01 Recall Screen)

In the present section, concentrate on getting familiar with the feel and strengths of sutures.

Sutures are used for the following purposes:

To join together tissues, such as skin.

To tie off vessels such as arteries and ducts.

To join together tubes such as blood vessels and bowel.

To close defects and holes.

To plicate (pleat) tissue.

To reinforce tissues.

To form a scaffolding for repair tissue.

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