Sutures 03 Equipment and materials

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Sutures 03 Equipment and materials

This subsection has text from an interactive multimedia training program on basic  surgical 
skills called PrimeSkills in Surgery.
You can use this subsection on its own or follow the whole program (further details at the end of 
this subsection).

1 Ethiskills workbench.

1 Pair gloves.

1 Mayo 7 inch straight stitch scissors.

1 Haemostat.

1 Dissecting forcep.

1 Needle holder/ stitch driver.


Equivalent sutures and ties from other manufacturers will be just as satisfactory.

Ethicon W 9890 1 box of 12.

3/0 (metric 2) Vicryl (braided polyglactin coated with glycolide, lactide and calcium stearate)

26mm and a 3/8 curved reverse cutting needle .

Ethicon W749 1 box of 12.

100cm blue 1 (metric 4) Vicryl monofilament polyamide with a 1/2 circle round bodied 50mm needle.

Ties. Ethicon W9025 1 box of 12.

150cm violet 2/0 (metric 3) Vicryl braided polyglactin coated with glycolide, lactide and calcium


Jiffy Padded Bag.

Adhesive such as Pritt.

Cup with handle.

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