Retractors 03 Equipment and materials

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Retractors 03 Equipment and Materials

This subsection has text and images from an interactive multimedia training program on basic surgical skills called 
PrimeSkills in Surgery.
You can use this subsection on its own or follow the whole program (further details at the end of this subsection).

If you are following the PrimeSkills in Surgery training program:

These are the items of equipment you will need in this Section

2 Cat's paw retractors

1 Deaver retractor

1 Finochietto retractor

1 Joll's retractor

2 Kelly retractors, 1 narrow and 1 broad

2 Langenbeck retractors

2 Littlewoods forceps

1 Morris retractor

2 Skin hook retractors

1 St Mark's retractor

1 Omnitract retractor

1 West self-retaining retractor

1 sheet

1 blanket

1 mattress

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