Basic laparoscopy: Cholecystectomy 08.10 Gallbladder removal Quiz

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Basic laparoscopy: Cholecystectomy 08.10 Gallbladder removal Quiz

1 How do you start the dissection of the gallbladder?

Elevate Hartmann's pouch.

Pull the fundus down.

Rotate the patient.

Grasp the clip on the gallbladder end of the cystic duct.

2 How do you free the gallbladder from the liver bed?

Methodically coagulate/cut tight strands of tissue.

Dissect out vessels running from the gallbladder bed.

Increase the upward pull on the fundus.

Elevate the liver.

3 On the diagram, click on the line you would choose to dissect the gallbladder.

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version of the program.

4 If the gall bladder leaks on dissection, should you:

Close the defect in the gallbladder with the forceps and continue dissecting.

Aspirate the gallbladder through the perforation.

Apply an Endoloop.

Ignore the leakage.

5 If there is a bile leak from the gallbladder bed, would you:

Convert to an open operation.

Expect that it will close spontaneously.

Identify and coagulate the minor biliary vessel.

Apply local pressure.

6 If the gallbladder jams in the epigastric port, would you:

Aspirate the gallbladder through the epigastric port.

Widen the epigastric port.

Remove the stones from the gallbladder through the epigastric port.

Pull harder on the gallbladder.

7 When would you consider closing the fascia after removing a port?

When the opening was wider than 10mm.

For all ports.

In a fat patient.

If there was a leak from the gallbladder.

8 At what stage should you insert a suction drain?

After removing the gallbladder from the patient.

After examining the gallbladder bed.

After removing the subcostal port.

After cutting the cystic duct.

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