Basic laparoscopy: Cholecystectomy 07.39.00 Wound closure

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Basic laparoscopy: Cholecystectomy 07.39.00 Wound closure

Check the swab, needle and instrument counts.

07.39.00 check swab needle and instrument.jpg

Wound infiltration.

07.39.00 infiltrate the wounds.jpg

Infiltrate the 4 wounds with a total of 20ml. 0.25% Bupivacaine.

Abdominal wall closure.

07.39.00 suture the skin.jpg

Close the linea alba or abdominal wall of the 10mm. umbilical and epigastric ports with single stitches of eg 2/0 Vicryl (Ethicon


Close an epigastric port wound of over 15mm. diameter with interrupted stitches of eg 2/0 Vicryl (Ethicon 9125).

The 5mm. port wounds do not need to be sutured.

Skin closure.

Close the 10mm. port wounds with eg subcuticular Vicryl (Ethicon 9890).

Use adhesive paper strips eg Suture Strips to the 5mm. port wounds.

Apply compliant dressings eg Mepore to the wounds including the drain wound.

07.39.00 apply dressings.jpg

Remove any naso-gastric tube.

07.39.00 remove naso-gastric tube.jpg

Check there is no other procedure to do.

eg No skin lesion to be removed.

Connect up the suction system.

07.39.00 connect suction system.jpg

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