Basic laparoscopy: Cholecystectomy 06 Off table equipment checks

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This is part of a multimedia training program for a typical basic laparoscopic operation.

You can use this article on its own or follow the whole program (further details at the end of this article).

Basic laparoscopy: Cholecystectomy 06 Off table equipment checks

The equipment and materials used in laparoscopic surgery are developing very fast.

Different manufacturers produce different designs with different operating procedures and checks.

The operating manuals often leave much to be desired.

The aim of this part of the program is to demonstrate the level of detail needed to check equipment.

The information is transferable in general terms to the equipment and materials of other manufacturers, but the details will be


Surgical trainees must know how to check and operate all equipment, both off table and on table, BEFORE starting an operation

Most of the off table equipment is stored on the Stack.

This consists of the TV monitor at the top, then the Light source, the Camera, CO2 insufflator, and at the bottom, the smoke

evacuator and DVD recorder, if fitted.

NB It may be difficult to find a label describing what a piece of equipment actually is.

The manufacturers' logos and trade names of the equipment often overshadow such labels.

TV monitor checks

Light source checks

Camera checks

Insufflator checks

Smoke evacuator checks

Video camera checks

Diathermy checks

Suction checks

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