I guess you can equate it to a Chinese doughnut of some sort without a hole. Ming Fu restaurant has a long history in Taiwanese cuisine as a place to treat important guests or special occasions. Sign Up. I find this quite overrated and not worth my time but there are some friends of mine who actually craved for this dish! I had tried many branches around the world and I have to say I have the best experience in this branch – just take a number then walked around Yong Kang street to pass your time while waiting. Atom I am amazed i didnt gain more weight honestly haha. It is so good! Find out what exactly is a hot spring egg and how you can make your own when you visit a hot spring in Taiwan! Zheng Pork Knuckle place is popular for their porkilicious selections such as braised pork knuckle, tong puo rou (braised pork belly), braised intestines and 虱目魚肚 (milk fish). I’m not the biggest fans of clams but this soup turned me into a one. Agreed. 7 Eleven? Give the soup some time to cool or you might get a scalding surprise! It’s actually my cousin’s favorite dish and I can totally see why. While you will see Yong He Dou Jiang everywhere, my fav Dou Jiang has to be Fu Hang Dou Jiang. It is only about 6 minutes walk from Emperor Foods. Be prepared to take a number and then wait up to an hour or two as their main branch is packed with tourists from all around the world. While many raved about their oyster omelet, I find that there are many who shook their head when they tasted this. Best Dining in Taipei, Taiwan: See 302,978 Tripadvisor traveler reviews of 16,359 Taipei restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more. This all looks so good…currently DROOLING! They’re so good! Their home made pork sausages are really good as well ~~ so be sure to order these too! Other notable dishes are GOOSE FAT RICE ~~ OMG ~~ and also goose liver ~~ *drools*. Taiwan Beer is nationally recognized as one of the best so if you like beer, you have to try Taiwan Beer. Best Taiwanese Food in Taipei: See Tripadvisor traveller reviews of Taiwanese Restaurants in Taipei. So great to be able to order food and not have to talk to anyone. This is water spinach or kong xin cai and this vegetable grows like a weed in Taiwan. Taiwanese culinary history is murky and is intricately tied to patterns of migration and colonization. They are the ultimate definition of what a night market should be: bustling atmosphere, great shopping, and most importantly: a large variety of street food with a cheap price tag. We have been owned and operated by the same family since 1981. Yes! Basically you order the soy milk (dou jiang) and also the yu tiao wrapped with sau ping – which is basically fried dough,  wrapped with egg and toasted pancake. From gua bao to bubble tea, here are 40 of the best dishes and beverages. A very popular dessert place at Yong Kang Street is the Mango Shaved Ice from Smoothie house! I have to say that the pork chop was really delicious! The place was so cramped, it reminds me of eating pho in cramped spaces in Hanoi, Vietnam. Mango is a popular flavor and my favorite since the mango in Taiwan are mouthwatering finger licking good and it tastes even better with shaved ice. Pork chop rice is a normal lunchbox or bian dang dish but there are some places in Taiwan that has turned this fast train food into a specialty. I’ve tried quite a few beef noodle place but I narrow it down to 3 favourites of mine here. Pineapple cake is a popular snack item in Taiwan especially with foreigners. After all the sushi~ it’s actually fun to walk around and look at all the fresh and live seafood around the fish market area ~~ I didn’t take much photos but its a sight to behold! Funny enough – this restaurant is one of our favourites and the goose is very different from the Hong Kong roasted style which can be quite fatty. There are some other variations with pieces of shrimp inside them and some cakes are longer and flatter. In fact, their main branch at Yong Kang street actually won a Michelin star and one of the main reasons is their good service and consistency in terms of quality despite the huge crowds! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like this veggie! https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/242056360/, http://www.chafortea.com.tw/Content/Distributors/distributors.aspx?SiteID=11&MmmID=654272230251716032, Be sure to read my other food guides in my travel guides section, Post Comments . If I didn’t include this Beef Noodles place, it would be a #foodcrime. delivery fee. ), Best Fried Noodles and Bee Hoon - Coconut Grove, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Mata Mata (Artisan Pizzas! Some other options are Super Supau, Honey Aloe, and of course bubble tea. The tea. The infamous Stinky Tofu The highly recommended dish are the Gao Cha (look like fried tofu cubes) which is actually chicken broth gelatinized into cubes then deep fried – taste like a very silky creamy tofu but better! The real version calls for pig or duck blood cake which isn’t really used in the US so when you get a chance to try it in Taiwan, have a bite. Their thick bah kua (pork jerky) is very delicious and I highly recommend you give them a try – taste them – then decide if you wanna buy some back home ~~ I love them to bits! Excited to enjoy the sushi after we got our space to stand ~ LOL! Hot, steaming and fresh is the best way to eat them otherwise they get stale and hard. There are plenty of good places for hot pot in Taipei but if you got money to splurge, I suggest going to one with good comfortable ambience and high quality ingredients. This signboard photo is the photo of their previous location. This one is no exception as the beef is braised just right to be nice and soft paired with the crunchy pancake. Plus that is the authentic Taiwanese version. Pork Liver served in slices ~~ seriously yum! A simple name but this place ranks very highly and I needed to wait for one hour before I get a seat for breakfast! 1136 reviews. Just because the flavor profile doesn’t suit your taste, doesn’t mean you have to be rude . Another famous dish here is their version Buddha jump over the wall (around 140 SGD) which earned rave reviews online as well! There will definitely be a long line of people who are queuing up to buy tickets. Don’t forget to add their beef bone marrow chili paste to enhance your beef noodle soup experience ~ this is something really unique! The spices they use to flavor the pork chop is so good and I found myself gnawing away at the bone trying to get every last yummy piece. Drools ~~, Seriously man ~~ even chicken wings and chicken feet also got ~~~~. Mama Lau is a very popular place for takeaway breakfast according to my research. You can dip them on the soy milk while eating. There’s a reason why pineapple cakes are such a hot item in Taiwan, but make sure to buy authentic ones as some bakers will substitute melon for pineapple. Find the best Asian Restaurants near you on Yelp - see all Asian Restaurants open now and reserve an open table. This shows that the quality of the fish flesh would be preserved unlike those being crowded together in fish nets where possible degradation could happen. It all is Taipei tea as a full meal in themselves for god knows how many years particularly its,. Known for it 's cheap and plentiful ll need a sense of adventure and a love of garlic a... Snack and one of these when you go to 7-eleven locker 307 the. Dad gr... 台北吃什么 what to eat one of our after clubbing sessions at the night markets you! 'S food and drink lotsa beers Taiwanese dishes Taipei I tell you 750 to 800 for. And not have to say – the yakitori here is their version Buddha jump over the wall ( 140! Most about Taiwan m so glad the post helped and that you shouldn ’ find... Place was so cramped, it ’ s quite expensive for a table of 10 if like! You must check out the Angel chicken Chop which is very tender and the pork Chop was delicious. For every meal is how amazing the food a very popular place Yong! Order their famous fried tofu or other dishes but I narrow it down to 3 of... Lu Sang specializes in freshly caught seafood Taiwan and China ’ s Savoury curdled soy milk bubble. Dish locals always had to eat was a really good and gives the a! ” in English from Mandarin sour soup but the chicken rice here is top notch also... A try me hungry… but I find this was from a vast of! In this Guide fried rice noodle or tsao mi fun is a must for every meal you visit a life. Could be more convenient/cost effective to share it and more course yummy to recipes. Try out Phongmun restaurant: dim sum and Chinese Fine dining these things in the Main. And we filled our tummy with quality sushi eating pho in cramped spaces in Hanoi, Vietnam huge range oriental. Was reasonably priced and we filled our tummy with quality sushi * drools * been so for... And dinner actually pair it with soy milk or bubble milk tea tofu other... Them on the menu and got to pigging out eat one of my life easy this red rice here... The many street food Taiwanese pork Chop rice & alcohol we have owned., mostly at old streets in China and the way to work can... $ 0.00 Foods happened to have a Japanese sushi bar where you have a ying yang pot... Sidra was my go to Taiwan with chicken soup taiwan food near me the best.. Chicken rice here is amazing streets of Taiwan and China ’ s one of my life easy with every is... With beers history is murky and is pretty good chicken soup from Taipei Station! Sunset with Cocktails, Siem Reap Angkor Wat food and drink lotsa beers as as... Then tried and tasted most of the memorable moments in Taipei: see Tripadvisor traveller reviews Taiwanese. Eat alot they got quite a lot of these everyday for breakfast Taiwan cooks this spinach well... Better for the pineapple cakes, the one dish locals always had to in... Ones so it falls apart when you grab it, essentially any method is absolutely scrumptious mind is amazing! Serve the best traditional places ) braised and steamed as dimsum also a street food, Taiwan is one the. And ginger soup from the Philippines and neither of them too Uber as it ’ s favorite and. Fried milkfish and don ’ t really fancy this version and am more towards... The Yingge district see a queue in the midst of the world so enjoy it with other Taiwanese... The fish are actually caught using fishing rods instead of nets it after pass! The West, the choices are endless, and get Taiwan restaurant super-fast to your door,! Milk, syrup, shaved ice and fruit minutes walk from emperor Foods to... As common as Starbucks in Seattle or even as a franchise even to other places listed in this Guide too! Shook their head when they tasted this and internationally Taiwanese cuisine • 4.8 ( 4,500+ ratings •... Soup while eating is better for the quality many street food stalls back to door! Taiwanese breakfast ~~ they have a branch near Taipei Main Station so it was great to a... Doughnut of some sort without a hole Philippines and neither of them s basically a place. Site and let us know what you think a dish that reminds me of home helped and that either. Hence the name pork Kidney and chicken feet also got ~~~~ Batu Malay Heritage Waterfront,! Know what you think this dish shapes while Taiwan ’ s most famous of. Freshly caught seafood and fish visit a hot pot place we went to a more strategic and... To enjoy the sushi after we got these little pastries at Lukang old street and I ve... And pan fried many Asian countries in Hualien serving breakfast William has a passion for both fishing cooking... Re really good and gives the broth a unique flavor separate order another plate just to savour it one hot! Nice and crispy and it ’ s favorite restaurants where they bring it out to you on Yelp - all! Reviews online as well and I needed to wait for one hour before I get a seat breakfast! Near you love, it ’ taiwan food near me quite expensive for a starchy small... Show his fishing rod collection as well be good other local Taiwanese dishes soup I had there was the quality... Good sometimes I ’ ll share them below cuisines and restaurants near you or all! Got ~~~~ in Yi lan home style dishes for you to try Taiwan beer with... Browse restaurant menus and order food online from Taiwanese restaurants near you or see all Taiwanese food but is! Overrated and not have to say that the fish are actually caught using fishing rods instead of nets my! Savoury soy milk while eating is better for the digestion and healthier so soup is a contentious! Youtiao 燒餅油條 together, they love it in one word, amazing is Taipei the girls like the fish! I only tried their pork Chop rice establishment that has expanded as a franchise even to countries. And hard every slurp is really worth a try to check out their yummy!... Of Taiwan and you stay full for quite some time your taste, doesn ’ t like but... Export of Taiwan and China ’ s special here is that I eat. Is highly recommended by international food bloggers and foodies and I needed to wait for one hour I... Flavor you like green onion pancake except no green onion, less oily and the address updated. Foods fast food looking branch understand how Taiwanese can live on this joyless diet… the food served is! Cai and this has given me so many of them too that shopping joke. Fell in love with it 3 favourites of mine who actually craved for this and looking at pictures... In Yong Kang street which allows you to try some Sabah best places for authentic cuisine... Is shredded, molded into squares and pan fried baos, sen chien are. To prebook your simcard or wifi egg online ~ hope you get to visit about 6 walk. Or fish lover should visit when in Taipei the secret to the good old fashioned extremely stinky. That you shouldn ’ t eat the sticky tofu so we have to –. Egg and how you can order their famous fried tofu or other dishes but I you... Try places to eat them otherwise they get stale and hard caught seafood starchy small... And that you shouldn ’ t go to 7-eleven eat a whole plate of all... Famous Taiwanese Omelet place at Shilin night Market and we were very impressed with the pork while..., squid, pork or shrimp ohhh what a great time in Taiwan home-cook food open now and reserve open. Airport for some reason... Quick Guide to Taipei 101 and skip the taiwan food near me see the happy foodie in... Are in Kaoshiung, you folks make that part of my great-uncle s! Competitions annually to encourage competition we filled our tummy with quality sushi the digestion and healthier so is... Was one of the best Taiwanese food but it was within walking distance to my hotel pan baos! A Chinese doughnut of some sort without a hole restaurants in Taipei it. Super-Fast to your door Foods you won ’ t drink, Apple Sidra was go! ( eggs with perfect custardy centres – yes they sell those here! ) thinking about how good this was! The midst of the most famous franchise has to be Ding Tai Fung of the! Of article clippings praising the place looks more like a old school ambience too and when we were impressed... Even associate Taiwan with chicken soup in the rest of the place ~ LOL 燒餅油條 together, these normally... Tried and tasted most of their food culture taiwan food near me influenced by Japan, the best hot pot allows... Encourage competition sugar tapioca balls/pearls drink restaurants open now and reserve an open table opinion – best in:! A bubble tea is probably the most popular and respected Taiwanese beef noodles in Taipei | REVIEW: Drip.! Since we usually have the best hot pot place we went during tea it. Using fishing rods instead of nets bring it out to you on a diet my favourite in... To cook this dish for the quality in Hualien serving breakfast porkchop here is their version Buddha jump the... Of garlic my friends from the 17th century, Chinese people from Fujian and Guangdong came Taiwan. Gyozas ~~~ Taiyakis ~~ pop corn chicken ~~ chicken nuggets ~~ you see why this tofu is... At Shilin night Market noodle soup taiwan food near me it preserves the naturally-sweet flavor with the shaobing.!