The intensity of a spectral line at a given frequency is related to the net rate of absorption (or emission) at that frequency. A solid angle is a 3D angular volume that is defined analogously to the definition of a plane angle in two dimensions. A high intensity spectral (absorption or emission) indicates that transition occurred in a larger number of atoms i.e. I would like to … 9.2.2 Plant response to light intensity, photoperiod, and daily light integral. Spectral Lines: Selection Rules, Intensities, Transition Probabilities, Values, and Line Strengths; 17.1 Emission Intensities (Transition Probabilities); 17.2 Absorption f values; 17.3 Line Strengths; 17.4 Relationships between A, f, and S; 17.5 Relationships between Line and Multiplet Values A sensor's spectral resolution specifies the number of spectral bands in which the sensor can collect reflected radiance. In a PFAL, light intensity (PPFD) usually is kept constant, unlike natural sunlight, which varies diurnally as well as seasonably in intensity, duration, and spectral composition. The choice or number of spectral bands required will depend upon the application of use. intensity: Last post 17 Feb 18, 17:54: Ich habe immer wieder Schwierigkeiten mit dem Gebrauch des Wortes 'intensity' im Englischen,… 8 Replies: spektral breitbandig: Last post 28 Nov 08, 18:09: Schon mit einer dünnen Schicht lässt sich der reflektierte Anteil auch spektral breitbandig … 1 Replies: spectral growth: Last post 08 Mar 08, 12:12 Radiation: Spectral Intensity • Spectral Intensity, I λ,e – a quantity used to specify the radiant heat flux (W/m2) within a unit solid angle about a prescribed direction (W/m2-sr) and within a unit wavelength interval about a prescribed wavelength (W/m2-sr-µm) – associated with … no line is observed. Definition statement This place covers: Apparatus or methods for measuring properties of infra-red, visible, or ultra-violet light, for the purpose of: • Photometry not otherwise provided for (G01J 1/00) • Spectrometers and spectroscopy per se : measurement of the spectral content of incident light and Definitions of Spectral intensity, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Spectral intensity, analogical dictionary of Spectral intensity (English) ... synonym - definition - dictionary - define - translation - translate - translator - conjugation - anagram. In the packaging industry, vibrations are one of the key factors that might negatively affect the goods during the distribution cycle, and it is essential to keep them in mind. Section 17. Spectral broadening is caused by turbulence in blood flow as the normally homogeneous velocity of reflective red blood cells becomes more diverse, resulting in the apparent broadening of the spectral Doppler waveform. The power spectral density is a complex mathematical calculation related to vibrational forces. The latter is commonly measured in W⋅m −2 ⋅nm −1. The definition of intensity involves the concept of a solid angle. Spectral broadening is an important artifact in pulsed wave Doppler ultrasound imaging, due to its clinical relevance as a sign of vessel stenosis.. Physics. This is sometimes also confusingly called "intensity". A more rigorous definition is provided by IUPAC: spectral radiant intensity, I The radiation intensity, I at wavelength λ per unit wavelength interval. that electronic transition occurred in a large population of atoms. Spectral radiosity: J e,ν: watt per square metre per hertz W⋅m −2 ⋅Hz −1: M⋅T −2: Radiosity of a surface per unit frequency or wavelength. Definition: the phase of the electric field in the frequency domain. Thus no lines are observed at frequencies that do not correspond to a transition between two energy states – since no absorption can occur at these frequencies, the intensity of a spectral line at this frequency is zero, i.e. This is sometimes also confusingly called "spectral intensity… In the frequency domain, it can be of interest to know not only the power spectral density (i.e., the intensity spectrum) but also the spectral phase.