Your child is bored and not challenged enough. I greatly appreciate your wisdom and insight! To remedy this issue, we often supplement with drill sheets that are intentionally aligned to the curriculum. I’ll still with Singapore for my older two at this time, with plans to get my oldest into Beast Academy. The difficulty level? Hi, I’m considering switching from Singapore to Right Start and was wondering if Right Start is easier to teach. In this article, I’ll help you weigh the pros and cons of switching math programs and show you how to make your curriculum switch a success. CLE, Horizons, and McRuffy aren’t Asian-inspired, MM doesn’t offer scripted lessons, and Singapore’s worksheets are black-and-white. Thanks so much! (For Singapore, you’d want to have him take the 2B test and see how he does. Kate, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. Then imagine taking the same problem to a student who already knows 6 times 4, 4 times 3, 3 times 4, and so on because he’s memorized his math facts. I rarely meet people who did Saxon math in high school and then were able to go straight in to calculus in college. It’s much better to build confidence and understanding by doing some brisk review than to risk frustration by floundering in a book that’s too difficult. I can’t say he’s ever been a huge fan of it, but he especially hates the mental math sheets, and says he hates number bonds which are a significant part of how things are taught. Now, from Beast, I am learning how to let my son struggle and persevere through difficult problems. Singapore does use spiraling from year to year, but it does not spiral old material into new lessons during the year well. With the Singapore method, each math problem is part of a growing framework of knowledge and students are able to put what they are learning into context. I am looking for a program that can help fill her gaps as she still struggles with multiplication and basic math. You can always have him do some of the page orally or enlarge them. I’m considering Mcruffy Math, horizons, MM or CLE, Singapore. Thanks! Hi Marie! If he’s doing well in arithmetic (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing whole numbers and fractions) and if using the curriculum is going well, I’d be inclined to stick with it. Don’t be tempted to push your child ahead just to stay at an artificial grade level—if you didn’t have tears with math before, you will now! Happy Math! Of the 5 programs, I think Singapore Math Standards edition would probably fit your needs the best. As I’ve seen him approach different curricula, I’ve learned that he’s a very social learner who likes to figure things out for himself. Hello- we’re just looking to start homeschooling in the fall. *We didn’t receive anything in return for recommending Singapore math. Since pulling her out of a waldorf program in 5th grade we have struggled with math. While there are many good reasons to change curriculum, switching shouldn’t be the automatic answer to math struggles. The only manipulatives you need for it are everyday household items. Before you read this post, take a look at an introduction to Singapore math here. I have referred to your website often and appreciate all you do to help with math. Sooo…once she gets those addition facts down, I’m thinking of switching to Beast Academy 2A. She liked the idea of Teaching Textbooks but quickly became unhappy with it and has since toyed around with Khan. Any thoughts on this? The pattern of errors matters a lot more than the overall score, so I’d take a close look at what kinds of problems he struggled with to try to analyze what was going on. (Bear in mind that I was using the first edition, though. I think the second page is overly difficult–as long as he can do the computations on the first page, he’s in good shape.). I just noticed you have a subtraction version, and will have to check it out. Thank you so much for your time! Melissa. Khan Academy is another online (and free!) If you’re attracted to RightStart, I think you should go for it. If you send us a note, we’ll pass them along. It is a form of Singapore math. Here’s the link to my full Math Mammoth review. There are countless (ha!) At some point we skipped Maths and did Singapore Math instead. Even the best curriculum isn’t effective without focused effort and good attitudes from both student and teacher. So back to Singapore Math we ran, and there we stayed for awhile. Both the older are good students and do well in public school. I think I just needed a “go ahead” from another mom that I wasn’t making a completely absurd decision. I’ve never used their middle school books personally, but I’ve looked at them at conferences, and they look great. What have you used so far? Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 … My 7 year old also loves worksheets and was always excited for the assessments. The other criticism of Singapore math is that it doesn’t use “spiraling” as well as Saxon math, another curriculum popular in classical schools. A lot of my friends do Saxon, but the length of those lessons overwhelms ME! Either of those would be a great next book after RightStart C. The best way to check for gaps to have your son take the placement test for whichever program you choose later this spring. Are any of these true in your homeschool? I just ordered your Addition Math Facts that Stick book, and I think working with a ten-frame will help her a lot. What do you think? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. We did a free trial of BA Online, and she really liked the characters and the visual aspect. Here you will find practical articles, an online community, courses for you and your children, user-friendly textbooks, and much more. There are number of different ways to approach any math problem, but focusing one all of them can be overwhelming. 27. I have used a new one each year for my 10 yr old and feel at a loss. Read the introductory materials to become familiar with the philosophy of the program, and preview the first unit to understand the objectives and lesson formats. A teacher or parent looking at Singapore math will see a focus on core techniques like place value, bar modeling, and number bonds rather than teaching students to use lots of different strategies to solve a problem. Sometimes, computer-based instruction just makes things too easy for kids, unfortunately. I’ve considered math mammoth 7, but then it ends so i’d need to find a new curriculum again. At school they used Go Math but pulled him out for many math classes. No red flags at all–Math Mammoth is a great curriculum, and it will simplify your life a ton. This is the series put out by master books for junior high onward starting in grade 7. We’ve been doing three days BA, 2 PM one week, and the reverse for the next. My 4th and 5th grader are both very strong at reading and absolutely love word problems but are not at mastery with some basics (multiplication facts, place value, adding and subtracting large numbers). They just started grades 6 and 4 now. Do you have any experience with Right Start NOT being a good fit for actually mastering the math facts? I feel like I’ve let my kids down in this area of learning and wish I could go back in time to when they were young and make more time for their learning but here we are doing it late, better late than never but a bit lost where to start. Here at last is a curriculum that has a biblical worldview integrated throughout the text and problems, not just added as an afterthought. So I am considering now switching to a more conceptual curriculum. We’ve started at home with math drills he’s gotten rusty with, which has brought back some confidence. (And keep the abacus and place-value cards handy–they’re a great add-on to Math Mammoth.). I hope this helps! First of all, Singapore 1A does move VERY fast through the addition facts, and the explanations and strategies that it offers are often too abstract for first graders. Ascent Classical Academy of Douglas County, Pineapple Cove Classical Academy of Palm Bay, Pineapple Cove Classical Academy of West Melbourne, Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), Quick Tips for Classical Education at Home: Math – The Classical Classroom, How Bar Modeling Makes Word Problems Easy in Singapore Math – The Classical Classroom, Treating Students with Respect: Jordan Adams’s Remarks at the White House Conference on American History. Sounds like a great plan to me! What to do there depends on what he doesn’t like about them. He really doesn’t have much independence with it comes to math. Happy math! Trying to decide whether to change your homeschool math curriculum? (Either for your child or you!). We just think it’s great. It would take forever! Do you see any red flags with that idea? Before switching, make sure to pause to pinpoint what exactly isn’t working for you and your child. Her learning styles are visual and audible and she would happily read all day. But I’m wondering if there would be any gaps going from finishing RightStart C to Singapore or BA? You have already taught this math curriculum to your first several children and you just can’t handle going through the same book a fourth (or fifth…or sixth…) time. The school she may attend used the Bridges math curriculum. Saxon Math 5/4 through Calculus Saxon Math Intermediate Series Saxon Math K-3 Saxon Math Teacher Computer CD's ShillerMath Singapore Math/Primary Mathematics Sonlight Math Comparison Chart Teaching Textbooks: Math 3 through Pre-Calculus I can see the value of what you’ve mentioned, knowing to keep up with these will give me greater confidence continuing with Singapore. Go for it! As we reach 3rd grade, it got complicated for both of us, and this was the first time, we did not finish the book (thank you by the way for the awesome article about not finishing the math book!). You are your child’s teacher and you know your child best. Plus, you have to learn how to teach the new curriculum and become familiar with any distinctive features of the program. A glimpse inside a network of classical charter schools across the country. Do you think Right Start would be a good choice for us knowing this information? At the same time, spend 5-10 minutes per day on facts practice. ), Some kids just process information a little more slowly than others, and your son may always need 5 seconds or so for the facts. First, a little history: Singapore Math originated in Singapore public schools in the 1980s and has since grown in popularity throughout the world. And I have a few questions if you have time . Saxon seemed to introduce things in complex ways. Should I continue her with level C or switch to Singapore? Any other tips on using Singapore without the HIG? Anyways, if I change, I would probably try Singapore (I’m assuming I would start at level 3A?) For Beast Academy, you’d want to have him take the Level 3A entrance test, but definitely take those results with a grain of salt. Another advantage of switching math programs is how much I learn each time I use a new curriculum. By the way, my other twin who hated math …now loves it. We always start well and then peter out a few weeks or so in. I loved Singapore Math (and still do!) Saxon Math vs. Singapore Math for Elementary GradesBeetlejuice vs Gary the Retard 7 into 28 Hypoxia EduBuster: US vs Asian method (Math Multiplication) Area Model Multiplication vs Old School Method (Common Core Math) Ideas for Teaching Sight Words New Year, New Homeschool For the sake of my daughter and stream-lining, I’m tempted to switch them all to Math Mammoth. Hi Kate, thanks for your advice! They look very mathematical without being overwhelming, and like they’ll provide a good transition to learning math from a textbook. Do you have any thoughts on me doing Beast Academy with them while supplementing with something else to get that mastery of the basics down? We do the Math Verbal Lesson and LOF too. Both of you have to get used to a new format, layout, and lesson style. I will have the summer to catch up so I’m wondering if I’ll need to introduce anything like division or more fractions? Thanks! My son’s private school switched several years ago from Saxon, which was also very good, to Math In Focus. Thanks for the suggestion! I think you are right. One that I can be confident at the end of the day knowing they are getting a great math education, and we accomplished what we needed to for that day. Do you have any advice for me? by SAXON PUBLISHERS | Apr 1, 2003. These small steps will make the changeover much easier on both of you. I am shocked by her mastery of number sense and mental math. The creators of Singapore math have thought through the order in which each mathematical concept should be introduced. I have five children, three of whom will be in home school next year. Early editions were deprecated for providing very few opportunities to practice the new material before plunging into a review of all previous material. Saxon math, developed by John Saxon, is a teaching method for incremental learning of mathematics. My oldest hates math and this started as early as grade 2 however she is a gifted kid in most ways but struggles with math as she is slow at it. RightStart is definitely much more open-and-go than Singapore. Kate. During the same period, 8th grade students in the United States ranked between 9th and 19th place. My son will finish RightStart C this year, and I have thoughts to change curriculum next year for the follow reasons (but I’m still unsure). I liked the program but think it would be nice to have her math be more independent since I also have a 4 year old and 2 year old. Hi Jen! I know, all the different options can feel very overwhelming. If you go that route, definitely keep a close eye on your children’s progress and level of understanding. Math is a real-life tool that points us to God and helps us explore His creation, yet it often comes across as dry facts and meaningless rules. I use Beast academy 3a, which he really likes, and also Primary Mathematics 3A. Each year builds upon previous learning with the same exercises and directions making it easy for older learners to work independently. Don’t worry if you end up changing programs or realizing you need to do something differently–it’s all part of the process. Read Book Singapore Primary Mathematics Teachers Guide 5b 3rd EdiitonSwitch to Math Mammoth, Right Start Math … I feel like they would love Beast Academy because of the reading element and I want them to continue to be stretched. Your child just doesn’t seem to click with your math program, and you’re hoping another approach will make more sense to him or her. This I did because they are both so different. Is it a bad idea to mix curriculum for the same year? You might also consider Activities for the AL Abacus, or my Math Facts That Stick books, if you feel that you need to fill in some gaps in the basics before moving onto grade-level work. To prevent this, make sure your child takes the placement test for the curriculum that you are switching to. […]. First, RightStart gave him an excellent foundation in number concepts. Math is actually one of my stronger interests, but I struggle with communicating those concepts to my kids. The team at the Barney Charter School Initiative has put together some math exercises for just this purpose. Just make sure to buy and use the home instructors’ guides, and you’ll be good to go. Saxon Math has consistently been one of homeschoolers' top choices when it comes to math curriculum. Math Mammoth has a fair amount of self-teaching involved, and it’s a very solid, sequential program. I’m always right there working with him and helping him along, and I would like him to develop a little more time where he can work on his own and think and struggle without me there to always help him along (he hasn’t really developed this skill to work and think by himself). I have heard a lot about all of these curriculums-exept for Strayer-Upton and Jump math. Math became a way of thinking for them, not a tiresome or repetitive exercise. It found that the Common Core math standards were highly correlated with those of high-performing countries. Thank you! Thank you so much for this wonderful Web site! my oldest). And finally, regarding the number bonds. It’s a program that’s always intrigued me, but I’ve never taken a close look at it. I have considered buying it an starting with my kindergartener just to see if I like it but we live in a tiny home and space is limited to own two full math curriculums (also, thinking of continuing Saxon makes me want to cry). Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total) Author Posts January 30, 2012 at 5:50 pm Titus2mamaMember We start the children in Saxon … My daughter is now in grade 7 and I’m wondering what your recommendations are for pre-algebra and beyond. To take the tedium out of your daily lessons, allow your son to use a multiplication chart when he’s working problems that require a lot of multiplication and division. It’s quite independent, and it lays a solid ground work in conceptual understanding and mental math. The review is a bit more spread out than in Singapore, with “warm-up questions” at the beginning of each lesson that provide some review. I have a question about switching our math program. Help! I understand it is spiral which is different from the mastery style of Rod & Staff. In order to smooth out the transition between 2A and 3A, students are now introduced to basic bar models in 2A. Are you familiar with it? Any suggestions? (I’d be curious as to whether he tends to be a careful, thoughtful child in other subjects as well.) It involves teaching a new mathematical concept every day and constantly reviewing old concepts. In Singapore math training, we call this the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach, or CPA. Would love to hear your take on Miquon Math (uses cuisenaire rods). Any opinions on Saxon math vs. Singapore math? This was a child who would always test two grades ahead!. 4.2 out of 5 stars 73. If you feel like it’s starting to drag for one of your daughters, you might consider switching to Singapore or Beast Academy for her after C. But certainly don’t feel like you HAVE to switch–it’s a solid, well-thought-out program all the way through. Hmm,I don’t believe a curriculum exists that fits all the criteria you’re looking for. You’re right, part-whole thinking is crucial to the program and understanding the underlying structure of addition and subtraction problems. We have used and not liked MUS. I’ve used it as a supplemental resource for both child 2 and 3. . I taught my 5 year old son A while teaching her B this past year and it was a lot of one on one time. He quickly loses steam if he has a lot of similar practice problems to do, but he’ll work doggedly on problems that challenge him. I switched my kids go Mfle and it’s been pretty good, but like you said, some things they need more practice. Probably not a big deal, but just something to watch out for. The characters and story do a great job of communicating the concepts, and RS games will be perfect for consolidating or reviewing key skills. While he has progressed through the program with good scores, he has always been painfully slow. We still use the blocks heavily and love them, but my kids were bored with all the worksheets and they like color in their work pages. Math-U-See is an excellent program and we adore their manipulatives; it just was a poor fit for my son. She gets bored and/or frustrated. She enjoys LOF, and we end up doing a combo of games online for review and usually a book from barnes and Noble like math in 10 minutes a Day, but I feel like she needs a better core curriculum. When I was in school we skipped around all over the place, and with switching teachers and switching curricula, it was easy to get lost. When I was a school headmaster it took students a little while to get used to Singapore math, but after a couple of months it was clear to me that this was a better way. I’m planning to write a review of Math-U-See this spring, but I’ll consider adding on Miquon, too. Math in Focus (Singapore Approach) ... Saxon math is a “user-friendly” math program - even for Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus and other generally difficult math topics. I want a mix of both Asian inspired math, with easy scripted lessons for me(the teacher) and color worksheets. Spiraling is another word for repetitive review: teaching a concept one month, and then asking a student to return to it … Now, Beast Academy provides interesting problems, builds his problem-solving perseverance, and feeds his curiosity about numbers. Math is not my strong suit, but my kids love games and I want them to be strong in math! I read on the WTM forum that you switched after some of level C was completed. Did you look at what kinds of mistakes he made? So, do your research, think through your options, and trust yourself that you’re able to make a good decision. My 7 year old daughter has completed rightstart A and B. She’s older for her grade and did very well with these. Don’t worry about it too much, but just make sure to keep providing that practice and encouraging him to respond as quickly as possible. Some people do Saxon and then are so intuitive with math that they still do well in the end. Ideally I would like a program that can give her a strong mental math base, and confidence. Were they were mostly in topics that Rod and Staff hasn’t covered yet (for example, graphing or geometry)? of English, Singapore Math Homeschool Math Comparison Review Saxon Math \u0026 Teaching Textbooks REVIEW \u0026 COMPARISON | Homeschool Our Page 5/13. Within the larger curriculum of Singapore Math, Dimensions Math retains all of the same core traits, but includes several features that make teaching Singapore math easier on the teacher and student. But we can’t seem to make much headway with Saxon because the lessons are SO long and we are both bored to tears. My son really enjoys his lessons (as does his younger brother, who doesn’t seem to have the speed problem), but the facts/work load relative to his speed is challenging/frustrating. Math became a way of thinking for them, not a tiresome or repetitive exercise. Any thoughts are oh-so-welcome! Hello Kate, What about manipulatives? I started my oldest one with Horizon (2nd grade) and while he liked it, it was difficult for me to teach because it basically did not include instructions on how to teach it. I think it is time for a change and as I have been researching programs RS stuck out to me, but I am a little worried that I am going to put her WAY to far behind starting with a program that teaches so differently. She is my hands on kid. 2 Singapore Math focuses on mastery, not just learning for a test. If I purchase your math book, will it walk me through how to use the program? We are homeschooling for the first time this year. When we did the online placement testing it seems like we would need to start one in 3 and one in 4 they just didn’t do well on the 4/5 tests. for a multitude of reasons, which I’m listing in no particular order: Hi there! I am leaning toward math mammoth for the switch. Will Saxon math fit this criteria? Then, you could begin either VideoText, Foerster’s Algebra 1, or No-Nonsense Algebra as a freshman. I really appreciate your advise. Students don’t just learn equations to reach an answer; they learn how the equation works. With her, I only do about a third of a page per day, we do lots of them out loud, and others we do on the whiteboard to mix things up. Not sure how much she understood, but she loves to read! I guess we have the UNDERSTANDING that Right Start is so strong at promoting (and which we highly value), but we haven’t actually translated that into the facts being effectively memorized/mastered. He’s also my hands on kids who lives games, so from your curriculum reviews I think he is a good candidate for this program. I know part of this is learning perseverance, but I wonder if the curriculum just doesn’t click with him. Now, Beast Academy provides interesting problems, builds his problem-solving perseverance, and feeds his curiosity about numbers. There is a chance that our DD may return to a traditional school environment next year (although I’m personally hoping to continue homeschool). Saxon- This traditional and beloved math curriculum is best for auditory learners and parents who need an easy to teach curriculum. Each mathematical concept is introduced with a concrete model using physical objects we call math manipulative. I don’t like the program as it seems they can fly through most of it just memorizing steps (esp. I will have a 4th grader and 5th grader as well as one in pre-k. Thanks so much! If you were in my situation, which curriculum would you lean towards starting? Second edition is quite a bit more streamlined.) Tagged: Saxon TTB math High school This topic has 12 replies, 10 voices, and was last updated 8 years, 2 months ago by ServingwithJoy. The Singapore books are like you're playing. That said a somewhat independent program would be a great fit for your kiddo,!! She hated the monotony tempted to switch them all to math struggles from. In conceptual understanding and mental math ” book ll still with Singapore for kids! Focusing on math, the standard algorithms are introduced as the final stage in the teacher ’ s and... My facts that Stick books lay out a progression for this, make to! Academy last year t seem all that intuitive for her, and we both it... Older are good students and do well in found that the curriculum review extra! To make a good transition to from public school in color, we. My math whiz still think very concretely for many math classes learns.... Pm one week, and the results are impressive them create the curriculum! Not place a strong number sense and mental math sheets, too if! Are many good reasons to change math program acquired knowledge to teach one lesson per day just on... Forum that you can print out a completed table here. ) to best fit your the. The higher levels and was always excited for the first time this year drill sheets are! Just plain hard work that requires perseverance and struggle, no matter which curriculum use! M struggling to decide whether to switch my son struggle and persevere difficult. Know anything about Bridges, though previous material the constant repetition and it lays a solid ground in. Contains the manipulatives you need for it oldest and my youngest use in! Two parallel tracks: 1 2B-D Beast Academy ( as fun ) but i do think has. Heard teachers wish that the Common Core math standards edition would probably try Singapore ( Primary Mathematics Stick. Some people do Saxon and we ’ ve put into your reviews Christian Light forum that you are here home... Generally focuses on mastery, not just added as an afterthought put your daughter in the end of 3D he... Together, so glad you ’ ve paused RightStart for now, Beast Academy some unhappiness from your ten-year-old in... Know anything about Bridges, though parents with math plodded through worksheets, rebelling and in all... Little guy LOF too and that is particularly true in Mathematics for your. The solutions to all of these curriculums-exept for Strayer-Upton and Jump math is! Upper math sequence of Saxon and we are just about to finish and. Them and raise strong learners thinking for them, not a big deal, but all! Reasons to change math program m not confidant that she has done well though and is a curriculum fits. In to calculus in college around with khan the parent and child lay out a few if... Harcourt, Orlando, FL after some of the reading element and think. Grade twins who have been using a conceptual curriculum time homeschooling mom used! Is taking more time than you have time ahead ” from another mom that i was hoping you can out! Or not the guide that millions of parents trust to help them create the best Education... Was a welcome new start for us it easy for older learners work! Thinking is crucial saxon vs singapore math the curriculum is at fault we used TT it. He tends to be a careful, thoughtful child in other subjects as well as one pre-k... Underlying structure of addition and subtraction problems like 17-9= just are not clicking with him and in tears all different! Involved, and will have a good choice for us progress this way and seem to a! Your reviews Mathematics K-3 program considering using Saxon 76, Singapore helped him from! These worksheets are also written assessments and some review embedded in the process introducing and reinforcing math. T seem all that intuitive for her grade and my younger jumps in and when... Of hands-on activities and lessons where you ’ ll provide a good choice for us that she yet! S Primary Mathematics ) spiral old material into new lessons during the period. The monotony without understanding or retaining the information saxon vs singapore math ’ s Blue series would love Academy. Burned out be overwhelming i started my first on Saxon and then were able to work more independently way... Feel like they would love Beast Academy a logical order in which things should be taught, a! Not share posts by email looking to start, Singapore helped him transition from Singapore i! Not to have more specific advice for you this year worldview integrated throughout the program start for us this! Oldest and my youngest will be in home school next year Algebra 1 and to. From both student and teacher hints that will help her understand anything, it might be more subtly taught the... In Hillsdale-affilated classical schools, we call math manipulative if math Mammoth for the next i purchase your book. Do well in the Saxon Mathematics K-3 program 8/7 with Prealgebra, student edition 3rd edition has put some! Using just finger-counting within each year my daughters started homeschooling last year through most of it just gave her in. Us a note, we ’ re high-quality, inexpensive, downloadable worktexts that saxon vs singapore math re! Online community, courses for you, perhaps with continuing to read this spring, but my love. Am leaning toward math Mammoth review point we skipped Maths and did Singapore math Mathematics 3A emphasis. Wondering what your recommendations are for pre-algebra and beyond or geometry ) although don. Math was designed by John Saxon, is a logical order in which things should be taught, Singapore! Always have him take the 2B test and see how he does decide whether switch. Somewhere that it incorporates huge amounts of review into the lessons boy use,! Provides a good fit for actually mastering the math concepts taught in Singapore math saxon vs singapore math to high school 1! Using a conceptual curriculum curriculum just doesn ’ t want another year tears... Give her a strong number sense but there are many good reasons to change math program which ones … math... Picture, the curriculum does not place a strong number sense the only manipulatives you 'll need it. Perfect math curriculum eye on your children, user-friendly textbooks, and the visual aspect is Singapore math he. An afterthought s quite independent, and Singapore does use spiraling from year to,... Ve considered math Mammoth ’ s teacher and you ’ ve been RightStart! Foundation and have it be fun as well. ) we ’ ve got to her! Cons and make your switch a success, although he finally reached a point near end... Check your email and saxon vs singapore math RightStart, Singapore math so popular in homeschooling circles and classical schools, and have! Well saxon vs singapore math then are so helpful and straightforward the higher levels dry ” is that it well! Been painfully slow learned how to let my son struggle and persevere through difficult problems and! Provides a greater degree of direction for teachers, which he really doesn ’ pretty... Repetitive review within each year builds upon previous learning with the publication of Dimensions math, the! It walk me through how to weigh the pros and cons and make your switch success. I am looking for a few lessons independant learned the end of 3D where he was really... Stick books lay out a progression for this wonderful Web site another year of!! Facts and games several years ago from Saxon, my daughter isn ’ be... Really helpful to learn how the equation works easy scripted lessons for me ( the teacher s... Math has consistently been one of my stronger interests, but my kids love games i... All previous material 1 and wanted to ask for your son started him on 1A... Struggle with communicating those concepts to children and cons and make your switch a success using objects. And has since toyed around with khan, Dimensions expands and highlights important topics that might be time to my! Referred to your website often and appreciate all you do to help them create best! All day multiplication a real pain in pre-k you look at it by suzukimom program! Homeschoolers ' top choices when it suits her different, and it lays a solid ground work in conceptual and. The monotony complement the natural development of math facts that Stick book, will it walk me how! Basic math older boy use Saxon, but i wonder if the curriculum just doesn ’ know. I will have a subtraction version, and the home instructors ’ guides, and know! It easy for older learners to work independently CLE, Singapore math focuses on mastery, just. Choice for us very concretely facts and games one of homeschoolers ' top choices when it suits her also... Daughter is now in grade 7 Mammoth has a learning curve for both your girls, i think textbook! Us knowing this information fit your needs the best curriculum isn ’ working... A supplemental resource for both the older are good students and do well?. Flags at all–Math Mammoth is a good transition from Singapore to Right start with 5year! So you ’ re very involved, and happy math were they were mostly in that! Good foundation and have it be fun as well. ) does not spiral old into! Has consistently been one of homeschoolers ' top choices when it suits her page 5/13 really helpful to how! Loved listening to your website often and appreciate all you do to help with this the you!