Whether you are a horse owner or an experienced farrier, the Rural365 Small Hoof Rasp is perfect for hoof balance, rounding, and easy break over. This Hoof Glue™ product has a strong durable hold, yet maintains flexibility for natural hoof expansion. If their hooves are wet for too long, they can swell too much, being prone to cracks near the tip of the toe or underside of the hoof which also causes weakness. Due to sugars, fruit must be given in moderation. Some pig owners find more outdoor time helps lower destructive tendencies indoors. In Western medicine, it is common to place bandages on the symptoms, rather than addressing the root of the issue. In conclusion, it is up to you to be your mini pig’s health advocate. Mini Pig Hoof Trimming Education and Consultations, Farnam Horseshoer’s Secret Pelleted Supplement, Garbanzo beans (AKA chickpeas) soaked and cooked at a high temperature to kill lectins, Lentils soaked and cooked at a high temperature to kill lectins. You can easily remove flares and fix cracks, splits, and chips with this tool. Olive Oil – Many pig owners who did not notice a change in skin and coat health have changed over to olive oil from coconut oil. Pig and Sow is often used by many of the pig rescues and sanctuaries we see regularly. While genetics of a mini pig does play a part, nutrition and pig hoof health go hand-in-hand. In strong hooves, we recommend application 1-2 times a week for optimal hoof moisture balance, as explained in this blog. If they will stand in a small tub, perfect! We will go over the basics about litter boxes, why pig parents choose to use them, and what you need to be aware of for long-term effects if using a litter box or potty pad in your pig’s daily routine. The standard of mini pig hoof trimming has made very little advancement. Make sure you are performing frequent litter box scooping and changing, especially with potty pads. Sharp’s can be contacted directly with a nutrition consultation for their feed if you decide to switch. Many pig owners report more issues with rust and dry skin. This is also NOT a complete list. Cut parallel to the heel and toe. Sharp’s Mini Pig Food – Based out of Oregon, USA. We specialize in crack repair, corrective, and therapeutic hoof trimming for mini pigs. If the hoof is too dry or too wet, this can lead to cracks. Tell them we sent you by using the code mptrim on your first order for a 5% savings. We empower new and experienced pig owners into maintaining their pig’s hoof health effectively at home, or with the help of their veterinarian and hoof trimmer. Nutrition plays a vital role in pig hoof health. Mini Pig Hoof Trimming Blog A professional trimmer should be looking at their clients’ environment to improve their pig’s overall health and sharing this information. Pig hoof trimming and hoof rot. Various examples of overgrown hooves, cracked hooves, well maintained hooves as well as Zinpro's gallery of hoof pictures and issues with hooves. A healthy hoof can show the overall health of your mini pig. Purina Pig and Sow (green bag) – NOT to be confused with the grower! Think of your mini pig’s hooves like a sponge. Mini Pig Gastric Ulcers. Pigs have two dew claws that will also need trimming while being aware of the soft tissue inside. We will NOT cover home-made foods in this blog due to the vast differences one household may provide for their pig’s nutritional needs over another. We have heard this feed is available at some Wal-Marts across the USA, some local feed stores, and online. Blogs update as new findings, methods, and patterns are discovered. Do you have an indoor pig? TMPF continues to track patterns seen in pet pig hooves from varying environments to better understand how certain elements affect miniature pig hoof health as a whole. This may be harder to locate, but we have seen it more frequent in the Kansas and surrounding state areas. By allowing a gradual hoof wall removal, cracks in the hoof may become visible during a hoof trim and can be treated. Pigs can get thrush which is more commonly heard of in the equine industry. Several mini pig hoof trimmers have come up with various ways to accomplish this.Freedom Acres Ranch developed a wooden pig cradle that securely holds the pig. Here, we will cover a few supplements that can be easily added into a pig’s feed. The more wet the environment, the weaker and more pliable the hoof becomes from being too swelled with moisture. Cat litter box. These cracks can wick up urine and litter which can get caught in the hoof wall and lead to discomfort. During summer, pigs love to wallow out in the mud or their swimming pools. Pay attention to dirt, mud, and skin buildup along your pig’s coronary band (hairline) around the hooves and dewclaws. In one to two weeks, Hoof Alive helps protect and promote self healing to close minor to moderate cracks. You might, if she is amenable to being handeld, consider having a farrier get involved and try to epoxy the hoof crack, or support it with hoof epoxy and a wire. Offering fresh produce one or more times a week can promote healthier skin, coat, and hoof health. Some Wal-Mart stores will allow you to order online and pick up in-store. This is the most common for most adult sized miniature pigs and easily accessible at most major stores locally. All of these are perfectly okay reasons, but we will go into the common reasons pig parents choose to litter box train or potty pad train their pet pig. Most pig parents purchase in a group in bulk. See more ideas about Pig hooves, Hoof care, Mini pig. Micronutrients such as biotin are vital for horn growth, with long-term deficiency causing horizontal cracks in the claws. We often see more issues with thin and cracked hooves when fed Mazuri as the sole source of nutrition, which makes perfect sense. If their hooves are dry, they will soak up any type of moisture–including urine–and be more prone to cracks near the coronary band (hairline). This helps promote ease of movement throughout their life as well as promotes healthy and strong hoof health. Dr. Cole’s Mini Pig Food is available at these locations: Pig Food There are many pet pig foods available on the market today. Hoof Glue™ is used to repair hoof wall, hoof cracks, hoof pads, as well as glue-on horseshoes in controlled environments. Easy hoof trimming with proper preparation and training.For more tips on mini pig care. Routine hoof conditioner application is also helpful in blocking excess urine from soaking into the hoof wall layers. They are extremely painful and sows with hoof cracks are reluctant to use the foot at all. This feed is pretty easy to locate. There are many food co-ops such as Bountiful Baskets and local Farmer’s markets where you can source a variety of in-season fresh fruits and vegetables for your pig. ... Cracks at the sole-hoof junction, or splitting of the hoof itself. This treatment can be done for any pig who goes in and out, especially during wet weather seasons to make sure nothing is harboring and growing. This can be given in the form of a human-grade vitamin tablet/capsule, kids vitamin, gummy, or equine powder/pellet. It is common for many household miniature pigs to be litter box or potty pad trained either as piglets or adults.