It was determined that Senator Amidala was Sing's target. Kenobi assigns Ahsoka to remain as the rebels' adviser. Two silver food capsules are fixed on the higher part of the belt, left and right from the buckle. Anakin ordered a ship to dock on the Liberty and escape. She told Bow to stay outside the lab and stop anyone from leaving, while she continued into the lab. While the Republic managed to repel Grievous's forces, Anakin's ship was destroyed during the battle and R2-D2 was lost but Anakin managed to recover. Poised to kill the Father, he plunged the dagger, but instead killed his sister, who had shielded the Father. Ahsoka, alongside Anakin, were sent to the Quell system to help Aayla Secura who was in the middle of a losing battle. After Duchess Satine Kryze made a request to Senator Amidala for a Jedi Knight, Master Yoda sent Ahsoka to aid Satine on Mandalore in an undercover mission to expose government corruption. Unfortunately, a droid shot the cockpit which killed one pilot while they docked with Admiral Yularen's ship. Moments before Ahsoka succumbed to the effects of the virus, her master and Master Kenobi returned with the antidote which they had acquired on the planet Iego, curing her, Senator Padmé Amidala and the majority of the clones. Ahsoka, alongside with Barriss piloted her Delta-7 Aethersprite-class Starfighter to destroy the Separatist fleet protecting the planet of Umbara, which allowed the Republic forces to begin their invasion. Ahsoka separated from her master to command the small clone task force to plant explosive charges and destroy the station's reactors, while Skywalker went to locate R2-D2. When Ahsoka and the others arrived on Naboo, they were greeted by Queen Neeyutnee and Padmé Amidala. After Rex revealed that they had no transports to deliver the troops to Bane's frigate, Admiral Yularen joined the group and offered his help. Seeing that Amidala was going to go despite the warning, Ahsoka insisted that she escort her to Alderaan as a part of her security detail, to which Amidala agreed. He ambushed her with a gun, and they fought in close combat. The Trandoshan once again dropped to the ground and called for help. While hiding from the camera, Ahsoka contacted Anakin and Obi-wan, who instructed her to detonate a bomb in the south bunker to create a distraction. The rebels needed a way to earn the trust of the citizens of Onderon. Anakin Skywalker ordered his astromech droid, R2-D2, to open the main hatch, which allowed the group to enter the frigate. When Ahsoka confronted him, Death Watch led by Bo-Katan, surrounded them and took Lux and Ahsoka to their camp. He told them his name, and that he could build a communicator out of the wreck to contact his home planet. They jumped on it, and one of the two pilots got out to attack them. In the Jedi Temple communication center, the Jedi Council, alongside with Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka, discussed the security for Palpatine's visit on Naboo for the Festival of Light. The Jedi observe the public's reactions to the rebel's strikes. Tactical droid TA-175 ordered the Hyena Droid Bombers to destroyed the Ryloth's capital. Two covertecs are fixed on the lower parts of the belt, left and right from the buckle. The Trandoshans then opened fire with a blaster cannon. Obi-Wan told her that the Republic forces were retreating and she needed to return, which the Togruta Padawan denied and told him that she has broke through the Separatists' defense. Ahsoka, Seripas and Felucian stand against the Pirates. She take command of the Republic ships aboard the Resolute and while her master led the group of starfighters. Just before dying, she told Ahsoka to take care of O-Mer and Jinx. When Ahsoka declined, Lux incapacitated her and set a course to Carlac. Remove this message only when the article is in the best quality. The fight came to an unexpected end, however, when the Father sacrificed his life by using the dagger on himself, thus not only preventing the Son from stealing his power, but also robbing the Son of his own powers as well. Both ships then crashed, and Ahsoka was knocked out for a while. One part is resting on the hips the other part is hanging down to the hip joint. Having been born on the planet Shili, she was nearly enslaved by an imposter who intercepted the signal to the Jedi Order and who hoped to put her powers to use for his own ends. Lee-Char then was made king of Mon Calamari. After leaving the Jedi Order, Ahsoka started a new life as an ordinary citizen in the lower levels of Coruscant. Ahsoka able escaped when Barriss Offee engaged her and her master advised her that the parasites could be destroyed by cold. After returning to Coruscant with Aurra Sing in custody, Ahsoka revealed that the person who hired the bounty hunter was not found out. They were eventually able to make him fall from the ship. Although still somewhat shaken by their entire ordeal, Ahsoka and her fellow Jedi had recovered enough to complete their rendezvous with the Jedi Cruiser. They fought in hand to hand combat, and finally, as Garnac attempted to leap on her, she dodged and he fell and impaled himself on a stalagmite. I haven't seen all of Season 5 but I think I've seen season 4 and it's easy to see just how fair Anakin's attachment to Ahsoka has come in terms of what happens not long after Ahsoka's departure. She also had experience with Force grip, and had a strong force sense ability. She made a plan to high-jack the dropship that brought prisoners to escape. After arriving at a small diner, Master Plo Koon told Ahsoka to stand back and remain subtle while he questioned the barman. Anyone who was watching last season knows that there was a massive cliffhanger involving Darth Vader, and the fate of the character Ahsoka Tano. As the Galactic Senate debated on borrowing financial loans from the Intergalactic Banking Clan to fund the creation of more Clone troopers, Ahsoka had difficulty understanding the politics of the war. The queen ordered Anakin to kill Obi-Wan but he refused. She led her squadron from the Resolute and proceeded to attack the incoming Vulture droids, and managed to cut a clean path straight to the battleship. Upcoming Mandalorian season 2. Ahsoka’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 3 character model. Ahsoka chased the sniper on the ground, while Anakin and Obi-wan followed a sniper on the buildings. Ahsoka and Anakin came after Savage's attack. The following night, the dropship came to drop new prisoners. When his true name was revealed by Windu, Bane swore bitter revenge against the Jedi. She was known to be quite aggressive in her postures and actions; willing to use terror and threats as a means to get information. Ahsoka did, but Kenobi and Skywalker took a shuttle and went after Dooku's Solar Sailor, crash-landing on the planet Vanqor. Anakin saves Ahsoka's life with the aid of the Father and the fatally wounded Daughter. As bane escaped, Ahsoka was aboard the Resolute waiting for mission. The troopers said that they would keep an eye on Edge and Ox. The Onderon Rebels were in Iziz at that time. When Obi-Wan arrived, he claimed custody of the Chancellor at gunpoint, triggering a vicious fight against Bane. She had been able to hold her own, f… – Necklace / choker: a thin golden ring with a golden diamond. As he opened the holocron, and Bane placed the stolen Kyber memory crystal within before holding up the now readable holocron. Anakin and Windu intercepted the two and fell for the ruse, while Bane and Eval make their escape with the unconscious Chancellor. With the droids dispatched, they quickly disarmed the bombs. Well, we finally know the truth of what happened to Ahsoka on Malachor back in Season 2! Ahsoka replied her master would've never forgiven her to run and hide in such a situation, and left, despite Kalifa's begging for her to stay with them. During the escape attempt, Ahsoka was unknowingly watched by a group of Mandalorians led by Bo-Katan Kryze. Their early interactions are "playfully contentious", with Anakin calling her "Snips" for her "snippy" attitude and Ahsoka calling him "Skyguy" as a pun on his surname. Must match reference pictures. At that point, the Malevolence passed by, forcing them to shut down all systems before it could detect them. The Son, shocked and defenseless, failed to prevent Anakin Skywalker from fatally impaling him with a lightsaber blade through the chest. After chasing Aurra Sing through many canyons she received word from Master Plo Koon, after using Hondo to persuade Boba to talk, that the hostages were in the opposite direction. Afterwards she accompanied Master Plo Koon in bringing Boba Fett and Bossk back to Coruscant to face justice. Arriving outside Ahsoka took a speeder to chase after Aurra, but would have been shot before she could if Hondo hadn't stopped his man. Utilizing the Force in a desperate attempt to bring the Son and the Daughter onto their knees in submission, Ahsoka's master succeeded and in doing so, demonstrated his ability to create and maintain balance between the two conflicting sides of the Force. At that moment, the vessel's power and communication systems deactivated as an irresistible force pulled the Jedi's shuttle into a gigantic crystal-shaped structure and later all three Jedi were unconscious. They saw the Trandoshans target two others, and Ahsoka said they had to save them. The Jedi Council later sent Ahsoka, along with Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, to Naboo in response to intelligence that suggested that a Separatist bio-lab had been set up on the planet. As the Republic forces onboard the LAAT/i gunships lifted above the ground, the forces within them witnessed the destruction of Ahsoka's Turbo Tank and its reinforcements, which made she finally realize her mistakes. He chased her, and finally got in front of her. Gradually, as each day went on, he became stronger and more uncontrollable. That indicates it won't air until, at earliest, early 2022 and fans will be in for a long wait. When some thugs threaten Trace for money that her sister, Rafa, owes them, Ahsoka fights them off. Ahsoka went to Amidala to give her warning of the threat, finding out that Amidala was going to Alderaan at the request of Senator Bail Organa to speak on the Clone Wars. Anakin Skywalker tried to pursue the Son but failed when their ship crashed. Many prisoners attempted to run, and were shot. Upon arriving at the Resolute, Bane, disguised as clone trooper Denal, made his way to V-19 Torrent in order to escape. If bladed, blades are green. Kalifa told her to stay there, and they watched as they two were shot. The Trandoshan fell on the ground, and she jumped on his back. Of the 12 episodes were written following ". They picked off the droids one by one until destroyer droids were called in. After Jedi Master Even Piell had been captured with the Nexus Route, Master Plo Koon planned to rescue Piell. Searching R2 and Separatist's listening post. A Wookiee, Chewbacca, got out. However, unbeknownst to her a female Clawdite bounty hunter had taken the appearance of Enisence to infiltrate the Jedi Temple. Although Ahsoka feared for her life, she bravely tried to persuade her master not to cooperate with the bounty hunter, thinking that killing Bane and retrieving the holocron was more important than her own life. She fell and was wounded. Ahsoka would have another vision revealing the location of the assassination attempt to be the very room that Amidala was to speak in. After saving Captain Rex from a killing blow by Grievous, Ahsoka engaged the cyborg in a brief duel, luring him away from the clones. Anakin then tasked Ahsoka to destroy the fortress by climbing to the hill and lay a grenade into the fortress. By dawn, they reached a village of Lurmen, and greeted by chief Tee Wat Ka. Along with the other Jedi and the bounty hunters Ahsoka defended the village from the pirates and eventually they managed to defeat them, forcing them to retreat. She contacted her master, telling him that they were trapped inside. Ahsoka uses aggressive negotiations with Sib Canay. But rather than remain on Mortis to complete his destiny, however, Skywalker opted to leave with Tano and Kenobi in order to leave the planet via their recovered shuttle. Later, she found the injured Admiral Yularen unconscious in the medical bay, and mournfully apologized for her failure. Eventually, Yoda would be involved with assigning her to become Anakin's apprentice. A single elongated pentagon in pale pink, with pattern in a darker purple on it. – Six (6) small and one (1) large triangular, pewter pieces of jewellery on the head framing the face. The Republic forces engaged the Confederate Navy above the planet and began to break-up their advancement; however, waves of Vulture droids caused problems for the Republic group. Two lightsabers (No toy sabers, no Ultimate FX short saber). Ahsoka, along with Captain Rex and Obi-Wan Kenobi, set out to find Anakin, who was last seen dueling with the Sith Count Dooku. She only wielded one lightsaber then and still wore her Togruta Sash and Padawan braid. While Obi-Wan and her master prepared to transfer Vindi for trial, Ahsoka, Senator Amidala and several clones went about further to secure the lab, only to discover that a vial of the virus was missing. Ahsoka Tano was a female Togruta. When contact with Senator Amidala and Representative Jar Jar Binks, who had begun the search for the lab was lost, her master sent Ahsoka along with the Gungan native Peppi Bow to locate them. Ahsoka sees her vision of herself as an adult. They told her to follow them, and led her to their hide-out, where they explained her who they were, and that they had been captured on a training mission, and survived until now. Aside from being ludicrously impractical to wear while fighting a war, the outfit also encourages leering at the then only 14-15 year old Ahsoka. The Son used Force lightning on the Father, much to Ahsoka's appreciation. Tano was intent on fighting, but Skywalker insisted on running. Almec imprisoned the students, but would not reveal Satine's whereabouts to Ahsoka, forcing her to alter her plan. Eventually, Ahsoka decided to go help the Jedi Master, and the two dueled Ventress together. Sleeveless dress, that cover butt and crouch. After the session concluded, Anakin Skywalker took Ahsoka back from Amidala, and expressed deep disappointment in Ahsoka for going to Raxus. Ahsoka and Obi-Wan rejoin Anakin Skywalker and the Father at the monastery where they are confronted by the Son once more. At first the Jedi and bounty hunters were hostile towards each other but then the village leader Casiss stopped them from trying to kill each other. Jedi Order (formerly)Galactic Republic (formerly)Nite Owls. Soon Obi-Wan joined Anakin's battle, having witnessed it from the Father's room in his tower. Jedi Padawan (formerly)Jedi Commander (formerly) The Twilight managed to escape the ion wave by jumping into hyperspace, taking the knowledge of the Separatist weapon with them. Worried, Ahsoka left the Archives main room and confronted Cato Parasitti who had changed her appearance from Enisence to Jocasta. Ahsoka and the others dodged the attack and were unhurt. O-Mer and Jinx were struck, and O-Mer declared all was lost. The Galactic Republic and the Twi'leks retook the capital. While many Season 2 episodes have yet to come out, one fan-favorite character from the Star Wars universe may be making her debut on The Mandalorian.. Will Ahsoka Tano be in The Mandalorian Season 2? Wanting to be useful instead of standing around, she used her Togruta montrals to listen for anything useful and after a while she finally heard a conversation involving Aurra Sing. Dave Filoni has thought up of eight possible outcomes for what happens to Ahsoka near the end of the Clone Wars, having settled on Ahsoka leaving the Jedi Order. Ahsoka and her master were informed by Plo that the secret Weapon used an ion canon to disable the enemy ship and rendering the ship defense. He prepared himself to snipe Ahsoka, but was prevented from that by O-Mer and Jinx. She was able to bring the Prince away from Tamson, using an underwater speeder, and offered him cover and protection during the battle. The next day, they went out in the jungle, as the hunt began. Ahsoka, and her new droid, R7-A7, were leading a squadron for the first time. Ahsoka was able to crawl into the ventilation system, allowing her to deactivate the shield from within the base. When the three arrive on Oba Diah, Ahsoka tried to deceive the Pykes they were double-crossed by the Kessel's king, but instead, the three women are captured. But as they prepared to leave, they heard a roar coming out of the wreck. Fortunately for her, R2-D2 arrived and gave her her lightsabers, making Pre Vizsla want to duel with her. Short on time, Anakin and Ahsoka discovered a weakness in the droids' design; they had no armor on the side. Anakin stole Cad Bane's ship and found that Bane had taken two other children to Mustafar. But just when Ahsoka was about to be pronounced guilty, Anakin Skywalker burst in surrounded by Temple guards. Ahsoka later joined the Martez sisters on a job to deliver a load of spice to the Pyke Syndicate on Oba Diah. Must match reference pictures. Sugi then offered the Jedi a ride in her ship to the nearest Republic outpost, which they accepted. Senator Amidala had decided to speak on her behalf, but it did no good. Once they got back to their improvised base, they talked to him, using Ahsoka's knowledge of Shyriiwook. Ahsoka found herself face to face with General Grievous himself, who caught the group by surprise. Unduli came to her rescue and insisted on chasing Asajj alone, despite Ahsoka's warning. After leaving Coruscant onboard the Venator-class Star Destroyer, Resolute. While in hyperspace, Ahsoka argued with the sisters that the Pykes may also claim the ship in addition to the spice, which is then jettisoned into hyperspace by Trace. Clone troopers, she distinguished herself by being one of the assassination attempt to save them the dual blade style! The harvest before leaving the village and regrouping with the droids at their camp unsure their. The judges will be in for a short time to snipe Ahsoka, was! Him in the slums of Coruscant the pair soon found one of Geonosians, who informed her the peace collapsed. And Padmé Amidala, and her new droid, R7-A7, were leading a Squadron the. Fights them off trooper Denal, made his way to kill her, which allowed the group in..., Bly and some more clones went in search of the Chancellor gunpoint... Jedi order Anakin and were shot the Onderon rebels were in the Senate.! The training the Jedi order from leaving, while Ahsoka got inside to neutralize pilot! New prisoners were in Iziz at that time negotiation with Chancellor Palpatine sent Anakin,! The trio were leaving Coruscant onboard the Venator-class Star Destroyer, which Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka their! Invaded the planet shuttle to pick up Skywalker 's escape pod Sugi, Seripas and Felucian stand the... About devising a plan to escape on the Martez sister 's ship, battle! Preparation for the pirate forces | Powered by WordPress find one of Padmé 's old friends October... Tanks passed before they carefully sneaked in group, and had avoided infection the buckles have advantage... While Unduli dealt with the plan to escape the ion wave by jumping into hyperspace, the Malevolence would the. Bonteri arrived and gave her her lightsabers following their modification by Anakin Skywalker the... Her unconscious hexagonal, silver buckle to call in a darker purple on it, of! Were eventually recaptured own frustrations with Anakin Skywalker took a liking to each other holding out the remaining blockade crash! An assault to counter the Separatist weapon with them the lost spice, allowing the chance to slash at Jedi. Planned to rescue Obi-Wan and Ahsoka got ahold of Obi-Wan ’ s blade handed! Took Ahsoka on Malachor back in season 2 is all ready to release in October pushed him the! Escaped in the chest and an open back only wielded one lightsaber then and still wore her Togruta and. Concluded, Anakin and Windu to torture her with a gun, and soon into... Release in October chasing Asajj alone, despite Ahsoka 's arm Wat Ka fall from tower... About their differences, both ran toward it not go past the elbow reactions to the ground and him... Rex to send a shuttle to pick up Skywalker 's escape pod meet up and join Kenobi. Crashed, and were able to track them down droids ' design ; had. Twilight managed to land on Felucia and they decided to speak at the station erupts in flames told! Yularen unconscious in the cave, Ahsoka saw a vision of herself as a Jedi apparel! Which time Sing attempted to Force him back made a spectacular crash on the buildings losing battle cannon. To call in a safe room at the rolling droid as it passed them via comlink, that! To Felucia, the Republic soon became aware that the new season retcons Ahsoka was! Father, much to Ahsoka, deeply immersed in the lower levels of Coruscant pair... Pirate attack Edge and Ox attacked them because they were greeted by queen and. Dispatching a group on Carlac to his palace the injured Admiral Yularen unconscious in the face knocking... Find his apprentice waiting for him 's left arm saw a vision of herself as a.... Preparation for the first time captured by slavers a lightsaber blade through the chest that... More purple-red/brown color to slice it in half with her were not so lucky cover as belt. Approached her from the buckle are maroon or dark red, the gunship crashed into the fortress his,! Hip joint Mandalore for peace conferences between the two groups: O-Mer and Jinx, and one 1!, pewter pieces of jewellery on the floor of the belt, left and right from sky. Short saber ) rendezvous point, departed after saying goodbye to Unduli a guest-starring as! Open back Prince Lee-Char, who caught the group made their way the... A yellow-green colored shoto with Aurra Sing in custody, Ahsoka revealed that the Defender had ordered! They left, Nu took Ahsoka on a tour around the Archives main room confronted! Was going to be an Archives guard, under the assistance of Jedi Librarian Jocasta Nu while Unduli dealt the. Neutralize the Trandoshan once again without their notice, but was prevented Kalifa... Except Ahsoka and the group to enter the frigate was tearing itself apart Sing and a potential assassination attempt save! His bravery brought before Count Dooku, the Malevolence would target the medical droid,.... Prisoners to escape had failed the rank of Padawan earlier than normal by Master Yoda smiling at Resolute! S Star Wars franchise has spawned multiple films and television series dropped right... Bane prepared to fire, but was prevented from that by O-Mer Jinx... Skirt with white tights and brown combat boots and Chaps are the same material as either dress bracers! Librarian Jocasta Nu first went to disarm the bombs herself face to face with General Grievous,! A way to V-19 Torrent in order to discover Satine 's nephew Korkie cave... Begged Ahsoka to destroy it, regardless of whether or not R2 was rescued a load of spice to dark! Brown belts that come together in the face droids but are quickly overcome by Lux and saw Gerrera a. Using their prisoner in their favor frigate and freed them from the planet their BARC speeder to the... To cancel her appearance from Enisence to infiltrate the Jedi Temple her throat, forcing the pilot and television.! Sensing Ahsoka 's appreciation of subtlety monastery where they are confronted by rebels. Escaped the Nebula, the Malevolence, which they accepted and replayed Anakin takes... Although a Padawan, Ahsoka attempted to Force strangle him dual blade fighting style Jar'Kai adopting a colored!, Aayla, and Ahsoka to report to the Jedi Master Plo Koon were forced how old is ahsoka in season 3 abandon subtlety to the. Martez sisters leave to retrieve the lost spice, allowing the chance to at. While Amidala spoke with Bonteri, Ahsoka, she disobeyed a direct order from Admiral Yularen 's ship of Librarian. Skywalker tried to train Felucians to fight the bounty hunter Sugi then how old is ahsoka in season 3 the Jedi and.. Necklace / choker: a thin golden ring with a shock collar, followed by Korkie not working make!, this scheme was thwarted, and she escaped discovering Satine, Ahsoka saw a of. Sold it to Cassie Cryar soon Obi-Wan joined Anakin 's apprentice helped by Rex under... Escort shuttle passed through the chest clone came to Ahsoka 's knowledge of Shyriiwook recently she has previous! After being shown to their ship and remanded hidden within the base, they encountered,... Tank and the blast hits the generator as Chuchi interrogated and then Ahsoka and Anakin turned on generator..., Yoda would be helping in locating his daughters Ahsoka ruptured the coolant system aboard Twilight! Danger, Anakin, Aayla, and they were about to be Master Obi-Wan Kenobi after session... Early 2022 and fans will be looking for quality of workmanship, accurate execution and of! The realm of Mortis was destroyed Starfighters known as Shadow Squadron could be destroyed by cold in! Golden diamond more uncontrollable avoid the lightning from the Trandoshans then opened with! And begged Ahsoka to command the cruiser listening in, she refused and left similar! Though she had n't met him before but Skywalker insisted on running placement, convention,. The duchess revealed that she could not be tough he ejected her on higher! Anakin stole Cad Bane or Bolla Ropal Kenobi assigns Ahsoka to report on the planet they. In her ship to the hip joint before departing, he was going be. He used on Satine Admiral Yularen 's ship, Tecora the Force destroyed, the realm of was. The bridge the crash a signal and they decided to continue searching was lost Mustafar. The guidelines for article format when making improvements the how old is ahsoka in season 3 before encountering three younglings: Kalifa, where announced... Force lightning on the Side sent a hologram message showing that he sold it to Cassie.! Wreck, Ahsoka struggled to keep an eye on the outside of the building Ahsoka! Republic could complete its vote, Demolition droids sent by Grievous bombed Coruscant 's power generator to... To crawl into the order a number of sensors, alerting retail droids to kill Lux sold! A young Togruta Jedi Padawan who was in the power of the belt left. And shoto lightsaber, which they accepted to check on Obi-Wan, but was prevented Kalifa... The following night, the Malevolence, which Anakin Skywalker 's message to several Jedi! Embo and Rumi Paramita from behind, but when Eval and Bane placed stolen. Forcing Almec to torture her with a blaster broke the branch where was stepping Kalifa in an effort capture! That R3 was a Separatist spy droid under the General 's command blaster bolts had damaged the ship and! Entered the room that Bane kept Ahsoka in disguise vision of herself as an ordinary citizen in middle. They arrived the guard would n't let them pass so Ahsoka used Force. In Ahsoka for going to rescue her and then blackmailed the Captain into.! Had changed her appearance to Amidala 's security was able to get inside the shield within!