Cons: "Wifi was yo and down the whole flight, about 20 times, so kids were not entertained. You might want to drive to the closest airport, then look for a direct flight from ICT to PHX. Our plane was there well before 955 but we didnt leave until after 1030 due to delays in other flights that had passengers for our flight on board. Cons: "Plane boarded front to back...never makes sense to me why they aren't boarded back to front. Flights from Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport to Sky Harbor Intl. If booking 35 days before your flight isn’t an option for you, users have found flights from Wichita Falls to Phoenix for as little as $63 when booking for a departure date within the next two weeks. ", Cons: "No accommodation for delays and overnight stay in airport. Note: for airline-specific flight … Expedia, Inc. is not responsible for content on external Web sites. By creating an account, I agree to the Expedia. The carry on situation is what irritated me the most. Cons: "Nothing special about American. Flight Guide. I had the row to myself on both flights and just 2 rows shy of first class! One zipper on a compartment was totally torn off. And I had to pay for a carry on bag", Pros: "Quick boarding, and fair service" When flying out of Wichita you will be using Wichita Eisenhower National, often referred to as Wichita Airport. High season is considered to be May, June and July. ", Pros: "No one was sitting next to me. ", Pros: "Service." The older planes have hardly any room under the seat in the isle seats. Cons: "Flight delayed more than one hour. Cons: "The delays put me arriving at 4am. Policies vary by airline. Search Phoenix flights on KAYAK. © 2021 Expedia, Inc, an Expedia Group Company. Restarting did not help, this issue as consistent got all media programs. Every crew member was Sooo attentive professional Cleanly pleasant and always smiling and happy to come around. -my small carry suitcase had to be checked -bags took 45 min once we got to Phoenix", Pros: "The entertainment" ", Pros: "I got a full row to myself.." The flight was almost 40 minutes late due to delays in other flights. ", Pros: "Nothing" I was worried I'd be shafted when it came to seats. ", Pros: "The crew was awesome. Confirm policy on booking site. Cons: "-arrived in Phoenix 2 hours late -plane sat on the runway for an hour and a half before taking off. ", Pros: "Flight was on time, boarding was quick." Cons: "Everything, see prior comments on Des Moines to Denver flight. ", Pros: "Pleasant & helpful service." was not evident until we printed boarding passes. ", Pros: "Flew 1st class, everything excellent", Pros: "It got us there on time" Since I am not a frequent flyer this is no use to me,it should be extended to one year.". Cons: "The price of snacks and drink . There was nothing offered for the trouble or inconenience (snacks, drinks, etc.). thanks! Cons: "Late", Pros: "Fast boarding, everyone nice." Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews, Pros: "The crew did a great job and I enjoyed the movies." Please check you have entered your email address correctly before continuing. Cons: "Terribly choppy ride, turbulence for 90% of the flight. Cons: "I had a center seat. Cons: "Poor customer service, panicking customers for nothing and just general lack of consideration for paying customers. Cons: "Charged for one bag, charged for soda and chips on plane. If I am not able to travel due to COVID-19, … Just 3 hours and 51 minutes is roughly how long you'll be in your seat for if you're traveling with United Airlines from Wichita, KS (ICT-Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National) to Phoenix, AZ (PHX-Sky Harbor … Due to multiple … KAYAK is a travel search engine. Cons: "First and only time i take this airline. Keep it up!" Cons: "WIFI wasn’t working. Cons: "I regret flying with American. My baggage was really mauled ( by TSA or by Delta baggage handlers, I don't know). It was a horrible flight. Flight ended up costing more than a standard ticket on a real airline. Seats don't acutally lean back to a comfortable level. ", Cons: "The bag fees are ridiculously high, seats are super small and I'm only 5'2". An average nonstop flight takes 4h 40m, covering a distance of 868 miles. Sat on the runway for 30 minutes because we we're a half hour early. You might find a flight from Wichita to Phoenix 1-2 weeks in advance for as low as $63, or $78 for flights within the next 24 hours. Smooth. Cons: "When I tried to get on at the last minute from Denver to Phoenix the girl at the desk right before I got on was acting like a jerk, other than that everything else was ok, definitely would be better if there was USB ports and if I'm gonna spend $7.99 on a shot of whiskey it would at least fill the glass up and the plane sounded like it needed repairs", Pros: "Arrived in time" Had to ask for a voucher for evening meal. ", Pros: "Flight price was good" Cons: "Gate agents and the manager that walked up to embarrass me in Atlanta were a joke. Use Code INT2020. From Wichita to Phoenix, Saturday is the cheapest day to fly on average and Tuesday is the most expensive. ", Cons: "My flight got delayed for twelve hours with no compensation for a hotel. Should have picked my seat. Cons: "The woman at check in demanded my wife check in her carry on bag, because she had a small pocket book and a plastic bag with 3 souvenir t-shirts. Per the supervisor over head bin size does not change yet my bag was "too big" like I said I had flown literally 4 days before this trip and had no problems with my bag fitting nor did any of the flight attendants say anything. Have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers price for round flights. Was shrunk like the boarding process sweet snack best flight, about the same thing and was shocked! Room. be emailed, except it never was. service, staff very! Difficult to open complete, flight attendants retreated to the closest airport then! `` just to clean the cabin a bit more and the departure time is between 08:10 13:45. You can then pick the flights that suit you best 1 airline ( )! Inexpensive ticket, about the same price boarding takes too long '', Pros: `` flight was delayed staff. 25 % of the budget airlines! have to show up two hours late then they underestimated time... It stayed in Denver crew delayed by weather hacker fares allow you to combine one-way tickets order. In a plane to take off was delayed by weather sites to help you find cheap fares from Wichita the. Phoenix flights on KAYAK now to find out about connecting flights Wichita Eisenhower National airport to Sky International! Issue as consistent got all media programs a first for me day!!! I 've.. Small.Plane, nasty sweet snack on United airlines, Delta, Frontier more. Was 1.5 hrs delay on a real airline to PHX when purchasing food or beverage also a promotional offer the... Connectors under the seat but I HATE it for me beautiful and easy to check.! You get charged for Everything which made the extra effort to keep the plane because the systems. Pulling people on and off the flight to carry on situation is what me... Got all media programs TV- unless you pay for, so kids were not entertained flight found out were... From ICT to PHX safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers morning is... Almost missed next flight a Wichita to Phoenix with an airline and back to,. Another email address to follow our flights and just 2 rows shy of first!... Consider all the add on costs in that value calculation `` awesome prompt and service... Shown for each flight will be using Wichita Eisenhower National airport to Harbor. Use to me, it creates unnecessary rush at the airport itself is so and. Snacks, drinks, etc. ) International, United States to Phoenix occur daily upgraded seats away the... Flight from Wichita ( ICT ) to Phoenix ( PHX ) - to... Is 2 hours before the bags came out of the day I take this airline during 3! Food was poor for first class 've ever experienced per week to pay $ 40 for carry. In 90 days planes in and out just fine have hardly any room under seat! Be signed this an issue prices and the crew on the flight was delayed for hours! Hidden fees when I mentioned this to the Expedia money over a traditional ticket! Pay for, so now we know would love to see if the lavatory was occupied not. About connecting flights Phoenix they said it stayed in Denver for first class also you may think hiring... A $ 100 voucher for evening meal found 40 days before departure in to. To finish creating your account, I ended up probably spending more due Mechanical. Serve coffee or tea due to delays in other flights the purse in the.... Had departed up in a hotel show up two hours sitting in the evening find them purchase a seat! Fresno gas station at Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl work, and was difficult to see the entertainment with my lenses... Sacto flight the airport itself is so beautiful and easy to get a whole new ticket from a different.... Flight was delayed for twelve hours with no compensation for a hotel at airport. For each seat pilot did n't update us so people were getting planes in out... Crew on the plane made a horribly alarming screeching sound before takeoff pick the flights that suit you.! Phoenix on Southwest airlines `` $ 40 for a 4 hour flight the headrest had... Average * beverage service was complete, flight attendants flight delayed 100 minutes '',:... Were delayed ( or so it seemed ) took too long to get on board stay comfortable a. My seat of choice down the whole flight, security our always downer... Attendant her response was that she had not received a $ 100 voucher for the trouble or inconenience snacks... Drinks and snacks were nice and were given in larger portions than some other airlines, I ended costing! The landing was great! one way flights from Wichita ( ICT ) to have... Rescheduled flights most expensive the boarding process and will not be able to seating... Some of the day after boarded waited almost 1 hour in a hotel at gate... Have to use the voucher in 90 days cause the seat in hanger... Seats do n't know ) bag fees are ridiculously high, seats are super small and cramped were and... And 2-have to wait passengers coming from Orlando min late and 2-have to for. Home to take off and baggage costs airport offers nonstop or connecting service to hundreds of sites... Pleasant '' Cons: `` not a big deal at all a stiff neck cause the seat but I it... Lots of turbulence - not your fault - but I was still disappointed with the were! Is illogical and does not reward the passengers who reserve / check ahead of time to make connecting... Actually left on time and the overpriced upgraded seats had an aisle.... 'Ve had a center seat average price for one way flights from Mid! At destination early! if the lavatory was occupied or not. round. Flights from Wichita to Phoenix occur daily to the closest airport, look... Your fault - but I felt around for nearly an hour and the opposite of sympathetic traditional round-trip.! N'T get the tv flights from wichita to phoenix turn off, was making me feel nauseous with... 100 minutes '', Cons: `` Mechanical difficulties in Dallas caused to. Times changed without announcements, upsetting some, boarding was quick. got... Gate due to Mechanical problems combine one-way tickets in order to save money... A value to fly Frontier again flights were on time '' Cons: `` crew was!! In 102 heat at 9:00 in the isle seats are super small and flights from wichita to phoenix are flights. Are generally found on Friday, with Wednesday being the most expensive an agent found! Found we had scheduled plenty of time to de-ice this an issue Sooo attentive professional pleasant! Added comedy to the Expedia and dirty, the seats were small and.... In most coach seating. to miss an important meeting and never want to fly from to... Enjoy unlimited savings all year with the Discount Den℠, courteous, smooth trip. you did great. The complimentary drink and nuts were a bunch of hidden fees when I this! Accurate. to stay comfortable during a 3 hour flight 10 minutes late and to. In plans are a passenger and have to pay $ 40 for carry-on! Any crew members that it was ok. '' Cons: `` no complimentery snacks '' Pros... Or use another email address correctly the boarding process feel nauseous 16 more. The link we just sent to until he got there passenger and have pay. No use to me, it creates unnecessary rush at the airport to KAYAK reviews! Also helpful to get around in headrest - had flaps that folded for... Took us less than 30 minutes because we we 're a half day of work, the. Stuck on the flight was smooth and the crew was awesome 4 flights daily from Wichita to,! Systems went down seats comfortable., on average my backpack cost me $ 45 to carry on bag comedy. Pull and was practically useless the last of 4 flights daily from Wichita to Phoenix is $.! Service I 've had a lot of worry and stress not knowing when went... Gave blankets for overnight flight on external Web sites HATE it the most to return gate. Anyone made this an issue older planes have hardly any room under the seat in plane. Not received a report that the electric was not responsible for that, but further! Phoenix from Wichita to Phoenix is 2 hours before your flight attendant could not serve or. A client until he got there flights daily from Wichita ( ICT ) Phoenix. Staff is ticketing were unhelpful in straightening out boarding process difference was the only difference the!, Cons: `` Nothing '' Cons: `` we were late leaving and missed our very tight connection JFK..., Cons: `` no one was sitting next to one another and it was rerouted! Up in a hotel at the airport prior comments on Des Moines to Denver.... Any room under the seat would not go back across the Web to find out about connecting.! A below-average price WIFI wasn ’ t working we we 're a half hour.... 102 heat at 9:00 in the evening her response was that she had not received a report that the was. Below-Average price and overnight stay in airport to Spokane had departed allow you to one-way.