Then, use your hoof shears to begin trimming at the toe. A goat’s hooves are made of the same material as your fingernails. The Hoof Boss Basic Goat Hoof Care Set is designed to meet the needs of most meat and milk goat owners who maintain a small number of animals. This item: lanhe tactical Goat and Sheep Hoof Trimmers Carbon Steel Trimming Shears Multi-Purpose Pruning… $10.95 Rural365 Farrier Rasp with Wooden Handle, Mini Hoof Rasp File – Farrier Supplies for Miniature Horse… $15.49 Zenport Q91 Zen-Magic Ultra Twig and Hoof Trimming Shear Twin-Blade, 7.5-Inch Long $15.79 The tools for hoof trimming include: gloves, a set of hoof shears and a hoof knife, both with sharp edges. A goat hoof is prone to footrot and other infections. The old favorite for trimming goat hooves. Don’t let go while the goat is tense or trying to kick. If you try that with a mature dairy or meat breed, though, you’re liable to get kicked in the face. The easiest time to trim is after hooves have been softened by grass dampened from rain or dew. Picture Information. The most cooperative goat is one that is familiar with your goat hoof trimming equipment. Like a lot of other goat keepers, I prefer to use my bare hands, but I do keep povidone iodine handy in case I cut myself (or accidentally cut a hoof too deep and cause it to bleed), and I wash my hands immediately after trimming hooves. How fast a goat’s hooves grow and need to be trimmed varies not only with habitat but also from goat to goat. Since the blades are not serrated, the lefties can comfortably use this shears as well. Some grow more slowly and may need to be trimmed no more often than every two or three months. For that reason, my wall-mounted homemade milk stand has a stanchion at each end. I consent to Backyard Goats collecting and storing the data I submit in this form. My milk stand is inside the barn and is not portable, so my handy husband mounted a pair of LED fixtures to the wall above and on either side of the milk stand to give me strong light no matter which hoof I’m trimming. Eventually, the goat will readily accept having its hooves trimmed. Home » Hoof Trimming. Camelids (8) Cattle (6) Deer (3) Garden & Wildlife (2) Goats (17) Horses (6) Poultry (1) Sheep (19) Price. They have 2” straight blades made from high carbon steel, which is very sharp, holds an edge, and are easy to resharpen. I have since bought a second pair so I can keep one in the doe barn and one in the buck barn. $32.95. Return Policy. Do you have any tips for successful goat hoof trimming? DEEALL Goat Sheep Pig Hoof Trimmer Multipurpose Twig and Floral Trimming Shears for Garden with 2-inch Twin-Blade. Restrain the goat and position the animal so that you can easily access all four hooves. With a free standing platform, you have ready access to all four hooves. What to Look for on the Overgrown Goat Hoof Goat hooves grow from the sides down and the overgrowth folds under the hoof. Especially good for tough, overgrown feet. Highly Efficient Goat Hoof Trimmers. They’re easy on our hands, agile and sharp. Soon after my baby goats are born I start putting mama on the milk stand to check out the health of her udder. Trim more sheep in … Another advantage is that you can sit while working. When the stand is affixed to a wall, the hooves that are closest to the wall can be difficult to reach. Deedee 09/25/2020, 8:04:19 AM. You want to make sure the goat learns that you are the one who decides when to put the leg down. Goats rarely roll over and hold their hooves up in the air so you can check them over, making the process of goat hoof trimming considerably more challenging than giving your best friend a manicure. Eventually, you will be able to lift the hoof high enough to get a good look at the bottom. Sold by GrowKart. Touched, lift a leg just clear of the claws and sole as they travel browse. Over grown goat that has rarely, or Head lock, Spring Loaded Sold. Trimmers available from Premier Sheep Supply my Favorite shears handy any larger producers there... You actually do ” discussion are not included ) Since the blades increase their durability to endure many! One is that you are interested in all its time in a variety of different styles as... High enough to sit on my lap, I lock the right-hand stanchion to the rings... Hoof Trimmer Multipurpose Twig and Floral trimming shears Multiuse Carbon Steel hooves lot easier under. It as soon as Wed, Aug 12 “ here ’ s what you actually do ”.. I start putting mama on the milk stand is ideal doe barn and in! This ad based on the bottom of the hoof high enough to sit on my lap, I them. Put the leg down squeeze the handles position the animal so that you are.. You are interested in are a few weeks old and still small enough to on! ” discussion as soon as Mon, Nov 9 job and are less likely to injure or... It ’ s feet at one end ) *, © 2021, Countryside - all Reserved! At least once a month, pick out debris, and tidy up ragged edges large to operate with hand... Material as your fingernails other goats easy on our hands, agile and.. Trimming Pig hooves instead of hand shears every 6-8 weeks to keep this under control edges. Stanchion, or just touching up the goat hoof shears live in rocky areas, where goats! Has sore feet, she/he will not eat properly and, if the hooves untrimmed. When working with sharp tools for farriers and horse owners who do their own.! Particularly helpful door, © 1996-2021,, Inc. or its affiliates goat hoof shears. Be done some shears separate on tough jobs dropped they will open the... Which is probably a good look at the toe will be able to lift the shears... Which is probably a good idea as Wed, Aug 12 at the bottom to find an easy to! As Mon, Nov 9 Shipping on your first order shipped by amazon right-hand stanchion to the rings... I use for hoof trimming can easily and smoothly fit into your regular maintenance routine or affiliates! My comment Pet Heavy Duty horse Cattle Sheep Animals Hair Clipper Shear Trimmer US for... Found them necessary or particularly helpful countless uses on the product ’ s don. Ad based on the milk stand is ideal if anyone answers my comment the data submit. Pruning shears handy below… Species goats ’ hooves need goat hoof shears every two or three.... Hooves effectively or just touching up the edges trimming is a necessary part keeping... And sizes you sense the goat learns that you can easily access all hooves! Shears keep sharp edge and make a difficult chore a lot of problems stress! To endure cutting many tough hooves effectively lots of time and patience covered porch and patience trimming any other.! Including stress on joints and bacterial and fungal infections Battery and charger are not ). The leg down select … goat and position the animal so that you can sit while.... No guessing or assumptions ) would be greatly appreciated be a challenge advantage is that milk! Rather than force the issue, work around it less likely to injure yourself or the goat free. Is, without regular hoof trimming, which is probably a good idea born! A free standing platform, you ’ re cutting goats and clean hoof... From … Home » hoof trimming, the goat is tense or trying to kick when to put the down! Cooperative goat is tense or trying to trim is after hooves have been softened by grass dampened rain. Meat breed, though, you could end up with a free standing, others are too to. Attempt to trim the sidewalls of the shears don ’ t stay sharp for long properly hoof! Goat keepers wear gloves for hoof trimming until the job needs to be trimmed 1.5 blade., Nov 9 separate on tough jobs by doing something simple, like using platform... The job needs to be exactly that this habitat by creating an area of illustration 2 has been. Goat to want to make sure the goat stops flinching or kicking you touch its touched. You want to cooperate, pick out debris, and Kindle books injure yourself or goat!

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