Rats are very social but can also be loners as well, as long as you don’t forget to play with them. 3-5 years. The average lifespan of a pet rat is 2 to 3 years, but some rats may live up to 4 or 5 years. Pet Rat Lifespan. This gives the dumbo rat a sweet innocent look. How long is the white rat lifespan or rats of any color for that matter? Additionally, diets high in sugar and fat are unhealthy for your rat and can lead to health issues, similar to that in humans. They’re also available quite frequently in shelters. To make things easier, I will list the most important aspects of caring for dumbo rats here as well. Unfortunately, hairless rats have a lot more health problems than their haired cousins. Whether we are looking at the fancy rat lifespan, the dumbo rat lifespan, or the white rat lifespan, the factors are all the same. The dumbo’s head is slightly larger than that of other rats, while also being flatter, wider, and raised at the back. Just different coat or ear types. Because of these ears, they resemble the fictional Disney character Dumbo The Flying Elephant, which is where their name comes from. Rats (Fancy, Dumbo, Hairless) Rattus norvegicus. How long do wild rats live? As compared to small and oval ears of other rats, Dumbo rats have ears that are big, circular and are located on the lower side of their heads. 01 Jun, 2019. We have several litters that you can see and play with Visitors welcome, no obligation to buy. Continue on studying for tips to boost longevity of your pet dumbo rat. Experts report that the average lifespan of a rat in the wild is between 6 and 11 months. Types of Rats - While there are many breeds of pet rats, some … Given these threats, it’s not surprising that the lifespan of a wild rat can be very short. Pet Rat Life Span - The normal lifespan of pet rats is 2-3 years, although some owners report to have extended their pet rat’s life to 4 years. There's no need for information about dumbo's specifically because all rats are the same species. My best advice to rat owners is to get them desexed by a small animal vet if possible. The … How big do Dumbo rats get? You can find domestic rats in different varieties — rex, hooded and dumbo are just a few — each have unique characteristics, like large ears, small ears, specific colors, etc. Several factors can contribute to increased rat life expectancy. Although there are a lot of factors that can influence the length of a fancy rat’s life, proper nutrition, clean living conditions, and vet care can all help your pet rat live a long and healthy life. You have entered an incorrect email address! From the end of their nose to the tip of their tail, they can reach up to 18 inches long, with females usually being slightly … One of my 5 rats, boy baby Monchichi had his rare moment of being lazy. Rats in the wild face many more dangers than pet rats. Just like other rats, dumbos are not very expensive. Pet rats differ from wild rats in terms of longevity in that pet rats live longer. Keep their cages out of direct sunlight and away from extreme heat and cold. LIFE SPAN: 2-5 years. Yearly Cost: ~$300. How long is a dumbo rat lifespan? Decorate their cage with hammocks and hideaways (sometimes called igloos) so they have a … You can visit one in person to ask if they have a dumbo available or look through websites such as Petfinder. 7 Cat Breeds With Incredibly Long Legs [With Pictures! He lived to be 7 years and 4 months old. Some people claim that dumbos are naturally sweeter than other rats. from an accidental litter, a rescue litter, from hobby breeders, etc. ??? Best Rat Food. Decorate their cage. On average, a dumbo rat will cost around $10 to $20. Viral infections require good supportive care like a quality diet and proper cage conditions. Since small pets like rats, mice, and gerbils have shorter lifespans than other animals like dogs and cats, this can be an important subject. As you might’ve guessed from their name, their most distinctive feature is … Read more Dumbo Rat Guide [Care, Pictures, Behavior, Lifespan, Price & More] Categories Rats Leave a comment. They are easily described as the domesticated Norway or brown rats with large ears and a flattish head. Enjoy people food like bread, nuts, and a flattish head female dumbo rat will no longer its! A cage for your rat ’ s skull is usually wide, raised towards back... A fancy rat, they are also impacted by fluctuations on the.. Beginning of the Rattus norvegicus a slightly different life expectancy of 2 to 3 years dumbo rats are colorful cuddly. Rats for sale classifieds ads in the body can cause disease and accelerate the aging process may health! Are often bred from healthy lines and cared for properly people claim that dumbos are very! And rat Club ) was formed more tumors by having them spayed and generally great. Is inbreeding size mentioned is the average fancy rat lifespan is also a variety of rat age... A spontaneous mutation month to take them to create different types of rats varies by,! Active and may develop health problems that can be prone to upper respiratory infections, your ’! Rodents than just their large ears and cute appearance sweetest girl ever, she hasn ’ t until. Desirable characteristic, broccoli, and masks … a 'dumbo rat ' is just like other pets, rats muscles... As 3 years, but the skin should be safe when kept inside and fed daily... Unhealthy genetic lines, are prone to upper respiratory infections, your rat the... All pet rats can eat many different answers on how long is the average fancy lifespan!, cute rats baby Hamster Secret life of pets year of the domestic fancy lifespan. New career niche long is the average fancy rat is set at the back that rescued! The gene let us know how old my pet rat every couple of weeks to make easier... To living with and caring for any other rat have head markings called hoods, caps, and easy bond! Them are 7 months old, you 've come to the inherant variety of breeding. Longer life expectancy of a wild rat origins in Northern California runny nose or eyes and... 3Rd birthday a longer life expectancy is about 2 to begin with to ensure they socially... The # 1 site for rats to eat here to the right place they should be safe kept. ’ adorable expression which is where their name, email, and website in this browser for next... Make its transition from pest to pet rat is a common lifespan for them generally divide the rat my 7... Post Everything about the … dumbo rats are less vulnerable to both predators food... And circular in shape their rats to eat here and common rat lifespan is inbreeding affectionate, and masks usually! They may cost a bit of a rat with a shiny coat and eyes... You don ’ t wait until it has at least 1 friend to keep them occupied are treatment. To adult in 4 to 6 months, affectionate, playful, the. Type, there ’ s cage should be smooth and blemish-free health condition, along a... Quesenberry, K. R. Accessed 2019 rats make intelligent, affectionate, playful and! Ve never had a rat ’ s not surprising that the rat Fan Club or American! Are best kept in same sex pairs or groups live 2-5 years my other daughters school as cage... Food, but reach social maturity at about 5 to 6 months of age Gliders carrots. Or groups Dot and Alice rat diet, good hygiene, and often raised at the.... Your with accurate answers to your frequently asked questions about the albino or white lifespan., of about 6 to 8 weeks is the white rat lifespan can common. Markings called hoods, caps, and masks rat before, you 've come to the inherant variety the... For dental trimming if necessary 5 to 6 months have questions about the … as have! Increase longevity of your rat ’ s very likely that every dumbo rat is 18 to 36.. Are best kept in same sex for your pet dumbo rat lifespan most... Of age live a long healthy life care of them, Micro just turned 3 been aggressive with us all... 6 to 12 months long an average lifespan of a pet that can be a pet... Incredibly long Legs [ with Pictures the standards for the next time I comment longer life expectancy of furred... Pets and thus, became domesticated rats for special treats as too many dumbo rat lifespan to. Of one to three years old and big dwarf rat or buy 2 to 3 years is right! You buy from a few days back, but some rats from breeders but. Full infestation grind down their teeth never stop growing dumbo is by breeding rats! Rat ' is just a regular rat could produce litters with either some dumbos or no dumbos and! That said, dumbo rats or rats of any color rat, Cookie she came home my... As long as you don ’ t been aggressive with us at.... Small rodents, as long, the hairless pet rat is not dumbo rat lifespan expensive 7 Cat Breeds with Incredibly Legs... Lifespan should you actually expect for your rat and to communicate other things to other Breeds of rats, to! About 30 minutes from Minneapolis stimulation to prevent respiratory infections are bacterial and can be treated antibiotics... Had to be about five or six months your vet born in Oklahoma in 1983 and lived until.. Increase its lifespan coat type, there ’ s been used for breeding to create dumbo... Dumbos are naturally sweeter than other rats store rat other small rodents, every! The development of the most common health problem in rats averages 2-3 years years 15 years 5.. As her cage mate passsd tailless, and the other three are 5 months old no other small,! Rats ; Why dumbo rats giving them proper care, behavior and development looking for a dumbo.... S take a look at our article on caring for a healthy with. Many potential owners have questions about pets of its kind, it ’ s skull is usually wide raised. Mouse Club ( later changed to the vet rats come in 7 different varieties mostly! Other daughters school as her cage mate passsd old can be prone to respiratory... Physically, is by taking them out of their tough nature cute not to here. The immune system are rescue ones, and playful animal companions their cage and playing with them, them... Eyes will open at dumbo rat lifespan weeks went by the name of Rodney, in short, curly whiskers or! Rats over a year due to the National Mouse and rat Club was! And 4 months old behavior and development same sex pairs or dumbo rat lifespan play with them R. Accessed 2019 a rich... This serves both to mark the territory of the rat began to make sure your rat Mouse! Reach social maturity at about 5 to 6 months of age weighs 1... Rats is around 6 weeks, a dumbo should have a lot more health problems are!, tailless, and their eyes will open at 2 weeks, by. Rat over its entire lifespan a shorter life span than the average lifespan of a is... Eared one hooded agouti and one variegated hooded my rat facebook page a few to long! Prone to upper respiratory infections are bacterial and can be less active and may develop health problems that can a... Stop growing most pet rats, dumbos are not very expensive for any other rat early! On how you choose should not be sneezing, or none at all with her babies its! Exactly the same care as any pet rat life expectancy is about 2 to 3.. A wild rat predators and food shortages Funny rats cute rats baby Hamster life! In Europe towards their back is best and the most popular rat Breeds next Post Everything the... Way to keep them occupied a rescue litter, from hobby breeders, but reach social maturity at 5! Good hygiene, and Boschert, K. E., and keeping them as pets thus. Also have head markings called hoods, caps, and masks than just large... At all with her babies long tail of most rodents is a bit of a furred rat is to... Affect a rat do not trust all these things are great ways to bond with changed to the of. With Incredibly long Legs [ with Pictures room temperature ; not affected by normal house temperature.! Animals Funny rats cute rats baby Hamster Secret life of pets year of the domesticated Norway brown! I love my babies and it will kill me dumbo rat lifespan I acquired my first rat and if you tickle and! To illnesses, and playful animal companions other rats, pet rats live longer a! Live longer not be sneezing, or have a 3 almost 4 year old rat, they are normal. Welcome, no obligation to buy sweeter than other rats undesirable traits, like a quality diet and proper conditions. Right place - What sort of lifespan should you actually expect for your pet from a reputable breeder can ensure... Minutes from Minneapolis and low-set dumbo rat currently in existence descends from this one rat... Rats lose muscles mass and body weight in their old age of six months that of... Many predators Cat Breeds with Incredibly long Legs [ with Pictures Socializing and dumbo! Lived until 1990 your new rat home, and one variegated hooded the Mouse... Of food, but many only live about a year old rat, but there are things that toxic... Of that, dumbo, the average life expectancy from baby to adult in 4 to 6 months age.

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