malc. Relevance. If you want to replace it you need to take the plug loose at the botton of the fork. Other oils may have an adverse effect on front fork performance. WSB Pack Hound. I'm … Rock Hard Member ; Posts: 1,417; Re: FORK OIL CAPACITY « Reply #2 on: April 04, 2007, 08:09:25 PM » Thanks Gaffer I have done the seals on my forks couldn't find any info on how much oil to bung in will sort out tomorrow … Followers 0. Compression (hard/std/soft) N.A. 533. 40 mm, will make the fork feel more responsive and is better for heavier riders. Checking the oil level on your Yamaha V-star 1100 before every ride is critical to prevent engine damage. Install the fork oil. A higher oil level, ie. This post will cover how to change the fork seals in the Yamaha R3 and how to replace the fork oil. can be used, 15wt fork oil is recommended. 1 decade ago. As for oil, I personally like bel ray fork oil. =0) 3.once thats completed everything is lose now unsnap those clips very easy to do.. should have a problem. Showa forks have an Equalizing Hole. Now, refer to the second measurement which will say how far from the top of the fork the oil should sit. SOURCE: Yamaha xj 900 s Front fork oil amount in cm. For the XS650 – 5 to 30wt. SETTING OIL LEVEL ON KYB AND WP UPSIDE-DOWN FORKS (when oil level is given in mm) On open-chamber upside-down forks there is a gap between the inner and outer fork tubes (between the fork bushings). Then compress it and check the level without the spring and the oil level should be about 4.25 inches from the top of the fork. 2 Answers ; SOURCE: how much oil to put in yz 125 1999 front forks. 5 years ago. Karthik asked on 26 Feb 2020. The simplest way to add oil to a fork is with a graduated syringe that has a tip on it small enough to fit in the air-bleed screw on the fork cap. Edie. As to the amount of oil, I think it's better and easier to fill it up to the level rather than measuring out a quantity. Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Member. For this, we would suggest you walk into the nearest service center or exchange ... Read More. 9. Before putting it all in, pump the forks up and down to circulate the oil throughout and remove any air trapped. Oil level has a huge affect to fork performance. snakemanjohnny. Inner chamber oil volume is allways 199ml. 2 qurts. 2 Answers How much oil to put in yz 125 1999 front forks. 533. Helpful 0 ; Not Helpful; Flag × Anonymous . Fork Oil Level Gauge . Verify that the damper valves will be submerged by checking that the fork oil level is 6″ from the top of the forks when they are fully compressed. Posted on Mar 25, 2010. They were just way to soft and mushy, no matter how long they were. BikeWale helps you compare Ray ZR 125 and Kriti on over 100+ parameters, including detailed tech specs, features, colours and prices. This topic is very similar to my writeup on ‘how to install cartridge emulators in the forks of the Yamaha R3’, but because it will be a more common topic, I decided to split Fork Oil: SAE 10 Cables & Pivot Points: Yamaha chain and cable lube or SAE 10W/30 motor oil – regular Fuel: 87 Octane – unleaded *NOTE*Also, Fuel Octane is 87 not 89 – unleaded. if it worked fine for you before the leaks started, stick with same viscosity and levels. Purchase the Bel-Ray High Performance Fork Oil at J&P Cycles, your source for aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories, with free everyday tech support. I used about 400ml for each flush & pumped the damping rod & then the inner fork tube 12 times to distribute the oil, before draining it again. The front forks of your motorcycle play an important role in the handling of your motorcycle, just like the engine, and their performance gets seriously influenced by the quality of fork oil inside it. NOTE: Be sure to stroke the inner tube slowly because the fork oil may spurt out. Anonymous . Favorite Answer. hp10a10 Newbie. Mar 25, 2012 | 2009 Yamaha XT125X. RE: Who makes the best fork seals and fork oil? For checking and adjusting the oil level on all conventional and upside down forks, the adjustable setting ring will measure oil levels from 0 to 300mm. Guess what, they still weep-ed a little oil. Step 1. 0 0. You may over fill it and really cause problems with blown seals and premature bottoming. By Bikedekho experts on 1 Apr 2020. Yamaha Ray ZR 125 vs Benling Kriti - Which bike should you buy? im only changing the fork oil because im changing the outer fork tubes for black ones and im now more confused that i was in the first place . Available in 350ml and 500ml. oil level? Pour in the amount of oil recommended by the manufacturer. 0 Answers 2006 Yamaha Ybr 125 fork oil capacity. N.A. Source(s): 6. First, I've found that in my Virago 1100 without measuring the springs for length, as you did. Video; Photos; Link; Add. The stock fork 'air chamber' level is at 100mm (about 4"). Now, what I am about to tell you has fixed two issues. malc. You cant realy check it. It should be a screw near the bottom of the fork on the outer side. Good Luck. Yamaha Motorcycles ; TTR ; TTR125L Fork seal replacement/manual? Lower your V-Star onto its kick stand, shift into neutral and start the motor. click for more detail. NOTE: Page 156: Installing The Front Fork Legs FRONT FORK YamahaR125.COM 12.Install: 2. Changing the fork oil is an important part of a motorcycle’s regular service too. How do you check and change the fork oil on a 2004 Yamaha V Star 1100 Silverado Classic? Posts: 4 900 fork oil replacement Jun 1, 2010 4:58:39 GMT . Info taken from Original Yamaha Dealer Service book 78 - 1980 « Last Edit: April 04, 2007, 07:59:37 PM by Golden-Vulture » Logged Steering Wheel Attendant. Approved Replacement Oils. Less oil means there is a larger chamber air chamber, and higher oil level means there is a smaller air volume. (5.72oz) of fork oil per fork leg. 10.Before measuring the fork oil level, wait ten minutes until the oil has settled and the air bubbles have dispersed. The Yamalube 10w comes in 500ml bottles, but I can't find the [email protected] rating anywhere. Recommended Posts. Luckily, checking your oil is simple. 2.more things you have to unscrew soo do it! Through the use of carefully selected high-viscosity base oils, fade is reduced providing smooth operation over a wide temperature range. Answer Save. Post Mar 05, 2010 #9 2010-03-05T18:32. Allow the motor to run for a few minutes, warming up the oil to provide an accurate oil level reading. Refill the forks with oil (the amount will vary from the 464cc that would be if you drained them completely), compress the fork a few times to pump the oil into the valving. Unless there are exceptions that are higher compression, but I believe the bulk of Virago’s are 87 Octane* You can't check the fork oil level properly unless you pull out the springs and compress the forks all the way. Brand Designation cSt @ 40C cSt @ 100C Viscosity Index Type : HONDA: Fork oil 5: 17 : HONDA: Forl oil 10: 35.2 : YAMAHA: KYB 01: 15.6: 3.45: 150 : YAMAHA: G5 The tool can also be used on MTB front forks. Yamaha 2005 OIL CHANGE 1.Ok whats circled in red is what you have to unscrew soo DO IT!!! Posted on Jan 28, 2010. Fork Oil Level Guage - £17.83 Note - prices shown are exclusive of … Facebook; Twitter; Youtube; Instagram; Pinterest ; Newsletter; Sign in to follow this . I followed the advice on & flushed both forks twice with Shell 10W fork oil before finally refilling with Bel Ray. Fork oil Recommend oil Quantity (each front fork leg) Oil level (Max compression, without spring) Rebound (hard/std/soft) Fully turned in / 1 ¾ turn out / 3 turn out N.A. When the oil level is changed the air preassure will also need to be adjusted due to the change in volume area. TTR125L Fork seal replacement/manual? On most KYB and WP forks there is no Equalizing Hole in the inner (chrome) fork tube. fill the remaining clean bottle to the same level as the old oil with the new oil and put back into fork, that way you have the same amount going in as you took out. Brand / weight / model nominal weight Reported cSt @40C Reported cSt @100C Reported VI Recaclulated VI Viscosity/ Temperature Coefficient (VTC) VT ([email protected]/[email protected]) Helpful 0 ; Not Helpful; Flag × Add Your Answer. Ensure the fork is standing vertically on a level surface. Ril asked on 1 Apr 2020. YAMALUBE Front Fork Oil (Grade 10W) is formulated for telescopic suspension for both Scooters and Motorcycles providing smooth rides in all conditions, extending the life of shock absorber and protects against wear. 4 years ago. This Site Might Help You. hope this helps. Quote. After filling the front fork leg, slowly stroke the inner tube "1" up and down (at least ten times) to distribute the fork oil. The forks hold 286ml or 9.67 US OZ of oil, best would be to use hydraulic oil. Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% off select brands with a Gold Club membership when you get a Bel-Ray High Performance Fork Oil (part number 99330-B1LW) from J&P Cycles. AVONANIMAL. First off How far has the bike been rode. I suggest to use KYB M01 fork oil. Best Fork Seals. Make sure you make a bleed correct (make a search or follow the owners manual). Bel-Ray High Performance Fork Oil is a front suspension oil formulated for use in all suspension forks including those using cartridge and dual chamber systems. Sep 29, ... What's correct oil level for front forks on a 2009 Yamaha xt125x. Remove the old oil from one of the forks into one of the bottles, and put the oil from the other fork into a different bottle. The Silkolene 10w fork oil fits the bill, but you need just over 1/2 litre per fork, and I can only find it in litre bottles, so I need to buy about twice as much oil as I'm going to use. 2 Answers. By mihylo33, July 29, 2010 in TTR. Otherwise, you'll be trying to reach down past the oil covered springs about 16" to reach the fork oil. oil level? Yamaha Ray Z Spare Parts price list covers leg guard, seat cover, side stand, foot rest, mudguard, indicators, head & tail light, speedometer & other accessories Answer View Answers (2) Is Yamaha Ray Z full body panel available in Chennai. If you don't have one already, I'd recommend you get a Haynes manualone, as it covers all this sort of work in great detail. Feb 24, 2012 | 2006 Yamaha Ybr 125. Page 155 FRONT FORK YamahaR125.COM Recommended oil Fork oil 10W or equivalent Quantity 235.0 cm³ (7.95 US oz) (8.29 Imp.oz) ECA14230 CAUTION: • Be sure to use the recommended fork oil. mihylo33 mihylo33 Get Help Now; Members; 6,243 posts; Location: New Jersey; Posted July 29, 2010. 14. Outer chamber oil volume range 300-375 and std 340 (eu350). Setting Spring preload setting (hard/std/soft) Damping adjusting position. Stock 1977 – 1984 XS650s normally use 169cc. 1 0. Front fork leg oil level (from the top of the inner tube, with the inner tube fully compressed and without the fork spring) 135 mm. Can i get new engine for yamaha ray and if yes, then how much will it cost me?