He has tan skin, and black hair with a tuft combed upwards. Tal vez Bobby entiende el dilema de vivir con las diez hermanas de Lincoln, ya que también tiene una hermana pequeña. Reader from the story The Loud House One Shot (Interratial(REQUEST ARE CLOSE) by AshesYT (Fan-Tastic) with 850 reads. Lock 'n' Loud. His absent-minded nature can also cause turmoil and conflict. Bobby is first mentioned in "Left in the Dark", the first episode of the series. "Left in the Dark" (mentioned)"Get the Message" (voice only)"Undie Pressure" (physical)"Going Overboard" (The Casagrandes) Él tiene muchos puestos de trabajo, ya sea un repartidor de pizzas, socorrista de piscina, o guardia de seguridad del centro comercial de la ciudad, al igual que empleado de una tienda de comestibles. After being out of contact with Lori for too long due to a bet the Loud siblings had all agreed to, Bobby is first seen in the pouring rain looking through the living room window to check on Lori. He is still there when Luna hides behind the curtains to avoid being caught cheating on her part of the bet, and is eventually allowed inside the house, losing Lori her end of the bet. Ask anyone from the Loud House including Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lincoln, Lucy, Lola, Lana, Lisa, Lily, Rita, Lynn SR, Bobby, Clyde and Ronnie Anne. Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes, Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes, https://theloudhouse.fandom.com/wiki/Bobby_Santiago?oldid=1082622, Although Bobby's first on-screen appearance is in ", Bobby was on vacation in France during the events of ". At least I'm never lonely, We're never lacking for a sports team, Maybe this crazy's not that bad! The following days were the same and soon enough, Bobby came over to take Lori out for the day. At the Burpin' Burger, Bobbie arrives, and says that in order to win the competition, they need to find a hamburger wrapper decorated with skidmarks. Bobby is Lori’s boyfriend who has many jobs, but, his most important job is texting and calling his girlfriend. The Loud House’s premier couple decide to take their relationship to the next level. 353 Favourites. She constantly chats with Loki (Lori). Like Bobby and Lori, the bear and the mermaid are constantly connected, with the mermaid using a crystal shard to power up her phone. María Santiago (mamá)Ronnie Anne Santiago (hermana menor)Héctor Casagrande (abuelo)Rosa Casagrande (abuela)Carlos Casagrande (tío)Frida Puga Casagrande (tía)Carlota Casagrande (prima)Carlos Jr. Casagrande (primo)Carl Casagrande (primo)Carlitos Casagrande (primo). Hercules and Zoe smiled to each other as it was another happy ending in the Loud House. When Bobby and his family moved in with their big-city cousins he began working in the bodega, thus ending the gag. Mast3r-Rainb0w. [2018] MASTERMISSION for ♦ Featuring: [PINK] THE LOUD HOUSE style - RySenkari (Bobby Santiago as Vann + Lori Loud as Penelo [in a Final Fantasy XII Setting]) For those of you who don't already know what that beat-up monster is, it is called a "bangaa", more specifically the one called Ba'Gamnan. Bobby may be dense, but he sure is smooth! Roberto "Bobby" Alejandro Martinez-Millan Luis Santiago, Jr. (mejor conocido como Bobby) es un personaje secundario en The Loud House y un deuteragonista principal de su spin-off, The Casagrandes. It is revealed that Bobby once considered store-bought flowers too impersonal and elected to pick his own, accidentally picking poison ivy and causing Lori to swell up "like a salted turkey". Roberto "Bobby" Alejandro Martínez-Millán Luis Santiago, Jr.[n 1] is a supporting character in The Loud House, and a main character in its spin-off The Casagrandes. 01/07/2020 Bobby soon knocked on … He is an easygoing boy and likes to have fun. También iba a tener pecas en las mejillas y un pelo más desaliñado. Bobby's first major role was in "Save the Date", where it is also revealed that Ronnie Anne is his sister. Lincoln texts him using Lori's phone to call her in order to distract her from live-tweeting her show. The Loud House (Una casa de locos en España) es una serie de televisión animada creada por Chris Savino, y que se estrenó el 2 de mayo de 2016 por la cadena estadounidense Nickelodeon. A running gag throughout the first season and part of the second is that Bobby has had many different jobs. Bobby es el novio de Lori, al igual que el hermano mayor de Ronnie Anne. Friends Loud! He has had many jobs throughout the series, such as pizza delivery, lifeguard, mall security, and grocery clerk. Cuando trabaja en la "Bodega" suele con mucha frecuencia quedarse atrapado en el congelador. El superpoder ideal que Bobby desea es la telepatía, para saber siempre lo que está pensando Lori. Lincoln Loud! Age It is unclear why he has worked so many, possibly for the extra money, or to impress Lori, or perhaps because he keeps losing them. [The window Bobby can be seen in is covered up by the curtain] Clyde: Dang it. Ronnie and Lincoln have to separate Lori and Bobby, and they're not one bit happy about it. Art by UnderLoudF The Loud House is owned by Nickelodeon. También pone en peligro a Luna cuando intentó liberar a Lincoln y Clyde de la prisión de centro comercial, como se ve en el episodio "Hermanos que Quieren Rockear". Boo-Boo Bear (by Lori, Lola, Lisa, and the Manager)Bro (by Lincoln)Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater (by Lincoln, Luan, and Clyde)Bobsled (by Luna and Lynn)Stud Muffin (by Lisa)Too-Tall McSkinnyPants (by Clyde)[1]Dude (by Ronnie Anne)Big Brother (by Ronnie Anne)Mijo (by Hector) Lleva tu comunidad favorita contigo y no te pierdas de nada. Cuando van a subir más episodios de The Loud house. In "A Fair to Remember", Bobby becomes close friends with Lincoln and begins to spend more time with him than he does with Lori, making her jealous. Eventually Lincoln had to break off their friendship to bring them together. In order to deny going out with or even having interest in Ronnie Anne, Lincoln says several insulting things about her to his friends, hurting her feelings and causing her to cry. Lincoln: "Aaahhh...nothing like reading Ace Savvy in my undies to pass the time." Bobby's ideal superpower is telepathy, so he could always know what Lori's thinking. That night, at the Loud House... [Bobby and Lori had joined her parents, brother, and teen sisters in the dining room for dinner. After Lincoln's friends from school show up and Lincoln tries to sneak out of the restaurant without being detected, he is spotted and insults Ronnie Anne yet again. She doesn't appear physically in the episode, but her name was shown on Loki's phone on the initial sketch of the boys. Carlos PenaVega The Loud House | Short | La peor cita del mundo Lori y Bobby tan solo quieren tener la cita más romántica, pero ¡todo parece salir mal para ellos! Lori (girlfriend)LincolnLunaMall Cop CaptainClyde (sometimes)The ManagerTeriPamDanaPar Bobby es el novio de Lori, al igual que el hermano mayor de Ronnie Anne. He also indirectly causes Lana, Luan, and Lisa to lose their bets. He also was going to have freckles on his cheeks and more scruffy hair. Disgusted at Bobby and Lori's romance, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne begin to tell stories about Bobby and Lori. He has also been shown to be capable of coming up with a complicated plan, such as when he thought of a way to make his and Lori's relationship work even after he moves to another city to live with his big city cousins. Lori entered the truck as she was given a kiss on the cheek by Bobby… Roberto Alejandro Martinez-Millan Luis Santiago, Jr. El contenido de la comunidad está disponible bajo. [Bobby knocks on the door and sees another woman at the door] Lincoln: This is getting ridiculous! The Loud House Wikia es una comunidad FANDOM en TV. Bobby is tall as Lori. Lori is so happy to see her boyfriend! Originally written by Deviantart user videogames518. Debido a su obsesión con Lori, Clyde parece despreciar a Bobby simplemente por ser el novio de Lori. Roberto Alejandro Martínez-Millán Luis Santiago, Jr. To become the manager at one of his twelve jobs. The Loud House is an American animated television series created by Chris Savino for Nickelodeon. Para su desdicha. Bobby also showed a slight vengeful streak in "Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes" working with his male cousins to prank Ronnie Anne and Carlota to get even for all the pranks Ronnie Anne had played on him. The Loud House (TV Series 2016– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The Loud sisters soon came in, worried about their brother. Join the world's largest art community and get personalized art recommendations. 3 by Elchiconormal with 436 reads. In the Loud House! Si le ocurre algo malo a Ronnie Anne, hará todo lo que pueda para defenderla, incluso si eso significa romper con Lori como se muestra en "Salva la Cita". 27 Comments. 17[2] (S1-4 (TLH) + S1 (TC))18 (S5 (TLH) + S2 (TC)-present) Bobby's first name Roberto is named after his voice actor's middle name. En "Salva la Cita", cuando Bobby descubrió que Lincoln (involuntariamente) hirió los sentimientos de Ronnie Anne, Bobby se enfureció ante esto y decidió romper con Lori para esto, dejando a su devastada con el corazón roto por la pérdida de su hombre y furiosa y vengativa con Lincoln por lo que dijo a su hermana. As you may know, you can message me if you want your own requests to be drawn by me! ''Bobby es el novio super cool de Lori y un hombre de muchos puestos de trabajo. Aunque en "Una Feria para Recordar" se ve que Bobby respeta y ve a Clyde de forma amigable. In the final scene, Bobby is seen chasing a chicken and asking why it crossed the road, which is a reference to the reason he gave Lori for being late to visit her and the statement that indirectly lost Luan her part of the bet. Bobby is Lori's boyfriend, Ronnie Anne's older brother, and Maria's oldest child and only son. Lost our visuals. Él tiene muchos puestos de trabajo, ya sea un repartidor de pizzas, socorrista de piscina, o guardia de seguridad del centro comercial de la ciudad, al igual que empleado de una tienda de comestibles. Furthermore, he has been shown to be generally friendly towards Clyde, despite the fact that Clyde hated him and often tried to sabotage his and Lori's dates (but Clyde has seemingly gotten over his crush on Lori since then, as evidenced in Exchange of Heart and Brave the Last Dance). Occupation In the Loud House! Él tiene muchos puestos de trabajo, esto puede ser porque quiere obtener más dinero o simplemente para impresionar a Lori, como en "Hermanos que Quieren Rockear", en la que dice a Lincoln que él tomó el trabajo de guardia de seguridad centro comercial porque Lori ama a los hombres con uniformes. Él puede alterar si Lori no le envía mensajes o lo llamará si algo malo le ocurrió a su hermana. Lori and Bobby are The Loud House and Casagrande’s favorite couple! Ronnie Anne se siente molesta por la actitud cursi de Bobby con Lori, sobre todo cuando se besan. Bobby's first onscreen appearance is in "Undie Pressure", six weeks after he and Lori have begun dating. Lalo (dog)Sergio (parrot) He sometimes shows fear that he may not be good enough for the people he cares about, or that they might ditch him and leave him behind altogether. Cuando él no es un repartidor de pizza, salvavidas de piscina, guardia de seguridad del centro comercial o trabaja en una tienda de comestibles, le gusta leer los mensajes de texto de Lori. As the only brother in the house with five older sisters, five younger sisters and one bathroom, life in the Loud house can get pretty crazy. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Bobby then stops at another house] Lincoln: [with the binoculars] Where's he going now? Bobbie starts the competition, and the crowd quickly rushes in. Current As she heard bodega delivery truck honk it's horn, Lori suspects it's Bobby, who arrived just in time. Loud! En "Salva la Cita", Bobby estaba loco con Lincoln por hacer llorar a su hermana, pero después se reconciliaron y estaba de vuelta en buenos términos con él. she said. When something goes wrong and he messes things up in some way, he may feel depressed and doubt his skills (as shown in Stress Test) or even get episodes of paranoia (as shown in This Bird Has Flown). When he's not a pizza delivery boy, pool lifeguard, mall security guard, or grocery stock boy, he can be found texting Lori. "I will. Full name Home Being apart from Lori too longClyde being with Lori or trying to sabotage their datesSeeing Ronnie Anne hurtGetting bored in the car on road tripsGetting trapped in the bodega's dairy caseSpidersHis and Lori's families fightingNeeding to get mad at CJStressMercado under care of someone elseSharks in a hot tubReptilesBeing used as a bait Voten por más (Lincoln turns to … Unknown 6 de octubre de 2018 a las 15:21. Bobby is very dedicated to his work and tries to leave a good impression on people, especially his father Arturo as well as Lori. Roberto Alejandro Martínez-Millán Luis Santiago, Jr. Bobby is an especially understanding and forgiving person. Duck, dodge, push and shove, This is how we show our love! Bobby states that it has been "torture" and the two lean in for a kiss, only to be interrupted by Clyde. If something were to happen that would cause Lori to dump him or Ronnie Anne to completely distrust him, he'd never be able to forgive himself. Read {17} Bobby x Female! Responder Borrar. Bobby parece estar en buenas condiciones con todos los hermanos Loud y le gusta estar con ellos. Likes This unnamed bear is Bobby's story counterpart and the boyfriend of the Mermaid (Lori's story alter ego), who appears in a photo in "A Dark and Story Night". His species is a reference to Lori's "Boo-Boo Bear" pet name for him. In "Undie Pressure", Bobby's answer for being late to meet up at Lori's house is due to him having to wait for a chicken to cross the road. Leni said in a sweet way as Lori left the house. [MM] ''LOUD HOUSE'' Style: Lori and Bobby w/ KYLE. He has been shown to have good business acumen for his age, as seen in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", where he helped his grandfather run the bodega and helped rearrange the store to increase sales. The series focuses on Lincoln Loud, the middle and only male child in a house full of girls, who is often breaking the fourth wall to explain to viewers the chaotic conditions and sibling relationships of the household. En éste, que tiene un equipo más urbano, incluyendo un capó que cubre sus ojos y auriculares. The series revolves around the chaotic everyday life of a boy named Lincoln Loud, who is the middle child and only son in a large family of 11 children. Royal Woods, Michigan (formerly)Casagrande Apartment, Great Lakes City (current) The Loud House Encyclopedia is a FANDOM TV Community. Es un poco tonto, como se muestra en "Ropa Interior Ajustada", donde le dice Lori que estaba antes en su casa, pero tuvo que esperar a que un pollo cruzara la calle. Ronnie Anne leaves the restaurant in tears and Bobby declares that he and Lori are again separated. Bobby es tan alto como Lori. Young En "Dos Niños y un Bebé", la historia de Clyde sobre él y Lori como un caballero y una princesa termina con Bobby siendo comido por un monstruo. Ella lo obligó a una cita doble para compensar por ello, y con el tiempo, ella y Bobby volvieron a reunirse. In "Cover Girls", Bobby was unable to distinguish between Lori and Lily while Lily was dressed as Lori, despite Lori being present (although disguised as Lincoln). [Source], Boo-Boo Bear (by Lori, Lola, Lisa, and the Manager)Bro (by Lincoln)Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater (by Lincoln, Luan, and Clyde)Bobsled (by Luna and Lynn)Stud Muffin (by Lisa)Too-Tall McSkinnyPants (by Clyde)[1]Dude (by Ronnie Anne)Big Brother (by Ronnie Anne)Mijo (by Hector), College studentPizza delivery boyPool lifeguardMall security guardGrocery stock boyDepartment store clerkTour GuideDry CleanerEmployee at the bodega, Arturo Santiago (father)Maria Santiago (mother)Ronnie Anne Santiago (younger sister)Rosa Casagrande (maternal grandmother)Hector Casagrande (maternal grandfather)Lazaro (maternal great-grandfather; deceased)Mama Lupe (marternal great-grandmother)Carlos Casagrande (maternal uncle)Frida Puga Casagrande (maternal aunt by marriage)Carlota Casagrande (maternal cousin)Carlos Jr. Casagrande (maternal cousin)Carlino Casagrande (maternal cousin)Carlitos Casagrande (maternal cousin)Roberto Alejandro Martínez-Millán Luis Santiago, Sr. (paternal ancestor; generation unknown), His girlfriendHanging with the LoudsWorking at different jobsMall food court samplesUnicornsStickersBro shakesRemote control airplanesThe Dream BoatChocolate chip cookiesPicnicsHouse of TerrorsTee ballJean Juan's French MexTamalesBuñuelosSpending Thanksgiving with his familyPop musicAdios Ana AdiosGhost Club