ITTA Physical Edition Review: Show 'Em Who's Boss. Any orders above this will be canceled and refunded. Product Dimensions 0.39 x 4.09 x 6.69 inches; 2.4 Ounces Binding Video Game Rated Everyone 10+ Item Weight 2.39 ounces Manufacturer Super Rare Games However, this was four years ago, and now fans are wishing they got hold of this when it was in store as its almost impossible to find now. Estimated Value: $1,899 - $2,683. Chucked away? Super Rare Games, known for its re-releasing of digital-only titles as physical collectible versions, is giving the same treatment to Monster Prom, the supernatural creature competitive dating sim Developed and released for Atari way back in 1994, Primal Rage sparked such an interest that there were action figures and comic released in its honor. One of the most memorable games released on the original PlayStation for its unique storyline and history of development. We've scoured the web to find the 30 rarest video games ever made! Super Rare Games is a company that specializes in these special editions, focusing specifically on releasing physical Nintendo Switch versions of smaller indie games - its most recent release being the bullet-hell, boss-rush title, ITTA. Commander Keen has to save her because his parents will never believe that 'Aliens ate his babysitter!'. 321 talking about this. ITTA is a welcome addition to my newly-created Switch cartridge library, providing a fun and challenging experience with a great narrative. Everything You Need To Know About Final Fantasy In 2021. Condition is "Brand New". Not to mention a steelbook copy of the game itself. Super Rare Games is starting 2021 with a blast and has already revealed its first physical release of 2021 as the bullet-hell boss rush game ITTA. 13k Followers, 1 Following, 45 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Super Rare Games (@superraregames) A copy of King of Fighters: The Saga Continues, brand new, will cost an outstanding estimate of between $3,500-$6,000! A popular game franchise that was first created in what seems like a lifetime away. They begin playing and come face to face with a series of villains and obstacles before being put into jail. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. The edition is now so rare, that its current price on eBay is $9,999... Back in 1997, Sony Entertainment released this unique game which is now incredibly difficult to get hold of. The Rarest and Most Valuable Super Nintendo (SNES) Games. This retro game takes players on a journey through space in a 3D style shoot-em-up! However, nowadays its difficult to get hold of, and for those who have enjoyed all the other games released across various platforms, but never got a chance to play this are in for a heck of a surprise! Each level is based on an episode from the 80's animated series, filled with our favorite villains and gadgets. The original game was released in 2007 along with the limited collector's edition (for Xbox 360) which features: A 36-page book visualizing the timeline of the universe and its races, an art book, digital content, documentaries on how the game was made, AND a bonus DVD with over ten-pieces of content. Learn about Super Rare Games, and find games, reviews, previews, cheats and more for games by Super Rare Games at GameSpot. The game ends if all the characters are eliminated, and its a manic adventure for main character Dave Miller, to save his girlfriend who was taken by Dr.Fred. A fun fact: Halo 2 reached more than $125 million within sales in the first 24 hours of its release. ITTA Physical Edition Review: Show 'Em Who's Boss. Super Rare Games. Fox N Forests, from German studio Bonus Level Entertainment, was born from a Kickstarter campaign in 2016. Finding one of these rare edition cases! ITTA is a bullet-hell adventure set in a world filled with monstrous bosses. The edition includes a collectible art book, the exact replica of the Phurba Dagger artifact, and a collector's case signed by the developers (plus a bunch of bonus downloads). Human Fall Flat - Super Rare Games (Nintendo Switch) w/ Cards & Sticker NEW. Want to save on shipping? SRG#35: SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition (Switch), SRG#38: Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition(Switch). Missed out on a Super Rare physical game? Publisher of Super Rare Games for the Nintendo Switch News Super Rare Games Has An Exciting Week In Store For Physical Switch Collectors. Video games were brought to our world back in 1967. The 8-bit and 16-bit Nintendo markets have really taken off in the last five years even in comparison to the growing retro gaming landscape … Except gamers will have to pay around $100 for a brand new edition. Shipping and handling. Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally/Speed Racer. DKC 3 and other NES & SNES Switch Online games available now. Last one . The Virtual Boy was a disaster for Nintendo – fewer than a million were sold and it … Shipping and handling. Want to be given early access to products, join our Discord server and be part of exclusive giveaways? It includes... With all this content, its no wonder its hard to buy nowadays, and anyone who stumbles across it will see the going rate at around $350. Super Rare Games confirmed that retro-style FPS Project Warlock will be next in line to get an exclusive physical release. Super Rare Games got its start in 2018, but already has an impressive collection of titles that have been released, many of which have sold out due to their limited nature. Dodge bullets and projectiles, figure out strategies and weapons that work best against each of the nasty villains. The town of Darkwood has a problem — it’s infested with an otherworldly evil that stalks the forests at night. The groundbreaking Halo franchise is one the biggest and most successful games in the global industry, shattering records sales throughout its existence. 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