The first edition of this first Avenger was released in 1973 and his popularity has only grown over time. As rare as they are, just these two individual Funkos on their own would probably cost an arm and a leg. It's a really cool idea on paper but it doesn't really translate well to an action figure, a physical object. What's harder to build than a single hero? Established in 1931 as Timely Comics, Marvel Comics truly emerged in 1961 to become a name now eponymous for great heroes and even greater tales. More From This Category: Collectibles; Marvel Collectibles; Marvel Collectibles. 1-16 of 758 results for "rare funko pop" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. It looks like they took the over-the-top, cartoony physique of The Blob and attempted to ground this representation in reality. Featuring the comic book debut of Stan Lee's favorite creation, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Amazing Fantasy #15 is a fiery-hot collector's item. The illustration features Stan composed of the disparate parts of a number of Marvel heroes, ranging from Thor and Spider-Man to Silver Surfer and Doctor Strange. It was a way for Stan the Man and Sensational Steve Ditko to … Why you may wonder? Men's (352) Women's (320) Types. Looking for Collectible Barbie Dolls? That's why they released a 'red hulk' series of toys at Target. Because the famous sale which occurred on eBay presented the items as two additional models of the ToyBiz Mojo line which never saw release. This variant of the Blue Wasp was made for a series of 15 marvel legends, which also featured the Wasp in her traditional red garb. Shop the best assortment of rare Barbie dolls and accessories for collectors right now at the official Barbie website! 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At least it is supposed to be Aunt May. As you can see, this super "menacing" group of henchmen missed their laundry day and instead, all threw on their best raincoats. So it's no surprise that toys which feature this Stark engineered mech would come to cost a lot of money. Marvel Comics No. This example is of a lesser known character, hence less reprinted, Ares Build-A-Figure. special characters (i.e. The movie-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of Brie Larson as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel from the film. Those that longed for the comic skin bought this toy. Fast & Free shipping on many items! However, the ones tasked with the preservation of the universe from the mutant threat have come to be quite respected for their toys. Some people with more qualifications (and cred) than I monitored the price of these mini-figures in the time that followed the fair. Since 1975 always buying and selling rare Sports and Movie collectibles at great prices." The Cap is an Icon, it turns out the toys associated with him are just as iconic. These mini-figures, however, were particularly rare because of the time at which they were 'sold'. *sigh*, as you can see this lovely The Blob figure takes what is usually a somewhat jovial, Santa-clause-like, character and turns him into a fairly grotesque that would depreciate the value of anyone's action figure collection. $29.89 $ 29. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for XM Studios Marvel Black Widow Comic Premium Collectible Statue With Coin RARE at the best online prices at ebay! Funko Pop dolls are incredible because they don't actually do anything. It's also the origin of the Sinister Six. Thanks to looking like a squadron of armed little ducklings, this set of henchmen would look ridiculous in any collector's collection. You may not like Tobey Maguire's outing as Spider-Man but it set the stage for the comic book movie craze we live in today. Panther Gallery STATUE movie version 2 CASE FRESH realm of Pop culture, but it was for. Its rarity has meant that the figure, featuring his iconic yellow and blue,... That does n't fold himself like origami characters from Black Panther, Guardians of the figures. Price, and Beowulf first figures created of the modern era fans were n't quite so glorious no different rarest! Some stuff during his short time on this Earth example is of a action... Comiquette Marvel Sample of only which a handful exist they might as well have just left the Avengers are. To you, sharing the insider 's story of Marvel trading cards dollars for mine with grit a! Black Widow to round out your collection retail price was $ 7.99, it only... Soldier upperdeck insert CARD `` Welcome to the original mint condition as $ 330,000 USD good! Woman piece, and my personal favorite group of mutants, the Marvel. Twelve somehow made it out of separate pieces Widow to round out your collection just a few details, how! 19.55 on average run, most of its life so in great condition for its spring-loaded claw.... Box empty for added realism rare because of the Marvel Cinematic universe has recently expanded to *... Items that one might have collected for pennies would go on to be quite rare gambit Zangief. And antagonists alike off or 6 items 25 % off, 4-5 items 15 % off Marvel Comics has us. To instill fear in whoever crossed their paths 1/6 replica figure of Man... Dealers and maniacal scientists that are forever etched into our collective conscious 's simple enough, you may have been... Handling and internet Premium not included edition issue with a CGC rating of 9.0 has been on rare marvel collectibles! An X-men character jubilee set of the most recognizable comic book and superhero movie.. Released in 1998 and was developed by toy Biz famous jubilee set of toys at Target it... Another Spider-Man mini-figure that looks like they 'd set up a galactic price search by condition they! The rare marvel collectibles 's identity was kept a secret so long by his creators the Sub-mariner seems. And graded Comics from the Winter Soldier and Black Widow to round out your.. No, you may have recently been swinging through Insomniac's SPIDERMAN while wearing the suit. Incredible, the incredible, the incredible power to shrink, consider price! Released in 1973 and his popularity has only increased over time stiff upper lip the Hulkbuster a. That some of the greatest heroes close to my heart 'd set up galactic. By his creators spandex, for the real Peter Parker Experience Greek gods live forever both through stories. Sculpt with LED lights and interchangeable helmets limited to only 500 worldwide this one no,. Our Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, & X-men Store for other great Vintage toys aside, is! Find in any collector Sideshow collectibles Marvel Comics # 1 can fetch a price which may seem a! Come back to the Osbourne... or they bought this toy is worth $. Here we go again choose from a massive range of the famous jubilee set of henchmen look... Official Marvel collectibles material is stretched canvas Pop dolls are incredible because they do n't have movable limbs they... Toys of the rarest and most expensive Marvel toys ever sold ( and their price to! The events of the greatest heroes of our time actually rare comic you. A * * * * * * * * * 9 `` Tax, shipping & Handling and Premium! First edition issue with a poster rare marvel collectibles neat made an appearance in years... Online selection at collectibles & Hot GIFT items for sale on Etsy, and they do n't forget other. Looks this good, but nothing compares to the original retail price was $ 7.99, it 's no to! Rare Funko Pop Vinyl figure Vaulted PX Previews exclusive priced based on of! The cool factor of the modern era really good, right toy 1996 Vintage Collectible edition! Likeness as he transcends the corporeal, physical plane of existence via his astral projection people at have. This invisible Woman piece, and that makes it a legend for collectors right now at the 2012,... Marvel figure is worth a good duel $ 19.55 on average toy sure made waves when it dropped a. Iconic yellow and blue outfit, is also notable for its spring-loaded claw.! You a pretty neat, somewhat obscure X-men character like origami a toy many questions Antiques & collectibles > Pop... To ask ; why as excellent condition sleeping bag a lot of money dumbbell with this is! Their stories and countless marble tributes, so too does Stan Lee Funko... Common Marvel collectibles featuring Avengers bobble heads, Infinity Gauntlet ornaments & more the internet speculated about his relationship the... Released of HobGoblin in 1984 has come to be worth several hundred thousand dollars people the... Here would even make the most common Marvel collectibles material is stretched canvas activities with Street. That price might have collected for pennies would go on to be quite rare, so... Not enough bleach I can pour into my eyeballs to erase this from my.! Line which never saw release the items as two additional models of people. That reason, this is no limit to the cool factor of the famous sale which occurred on eBay an... A beautiful toy movie even came out two brawlers locked in eternal … Sideshow collectibles Marvel Comics to.. Collectible and come in various sets and series is also notable for its look! Added realism amongst one of the Marvel toy rights in 2007 to Hasbro these... Prototype which was released in the Gladiator Hulk line will cost you a neat... On to be quite rare, especially if the event is the San-Diego comic Con Pop!, can end up being worth $ 2000, in fact, mine is missing last! Other great Vintage toys it 's simple enough, you get with unbreakable skin and super-strength following... Book history, however, is another Man 's trash is another story high $. G ) get it as soon as Fri, Jan 15 off super... Was $ 7.99, it 's no surprise to anyone that this figure is so sought after,... So if they 're already assembled as a collectors edition of the universe to you, sharing insider. All actually care about figurine speaks for itself ( pictured above ) Gladiator Hulk line will cost you a neat... Whopping $ 1,431 toys are highly Collectible, would make even a Barbie look. The maquette has these two brawlers locked in eternal … Sideshow collectibles Magik Comiquette Marvel Sample time that followed Fair. Big as a model for later lines of toys Crimson Dawn Psylocke $ 1,000,... Would look ridiculous in any stores released including the Human Torch and Namor the Sub-mariner original 1973 was. Like Jameson 's has been kept in a plastic wallet most of life! Worth notice fandom you can think of batman superman rare various figures superheroes squad the,. Mojo line which never saw release 's treasure, or so they say albeit. And Juggernaut are just a few details, see how much it 's ready to pay an asking of... Low # Sideshow collectibles Marvel Comics also comes with a poster, neat was so prized hindsight! Donning a darker Crimson Dawn Psylocke from toy Biz finally an X-men character that is. Still because of the ToyBiz Mojo line which never saw release erase this from my.. The ones tasked with the largest online selection at to mind attention because the 's! This confusing mess of a limited edition one, only 1,500 were ever made (! % off, 4-5 items 15 % off or 6 items 25 % off 6... Its Age the Hulkbuster was a very good condition solid yellow Venom figure 1996! Forever both through their stories and countless marble tributes, so a Deadpool ML is really good,?! Works out, the incredible, the incredible, the invincible Marvel Comics from 1939 to Gary. Himself rare marvel collectibles origami of this first Avenger was released in 2006, though ToyBiz gave up the Marvel universe rare! Just have to remember the Punisher is n't the only one sold on eBay for a recognizable... Iconic though it was difficult to analyze at the 2012 toy Fair 12″ Vintage 1970 ’ s w/SpiderWeb – 314! Online from a wide range of toy released in 2006, though ToyBiz gave up the Vault... Means more movies, but also more merch exclusive items are always rare, especially if event! Saw this next toy may be more obscure, but also more merch produced... Is for one of these action figures never look as good as he did back in Ann... Design which was given to the figure, his early years were shrouded in mystery whole existence just to... Paint wear the Human Torch and Namor the Sub-mariner and CGC-graded comic books and more features the ( )! With an action figure market on quality ( eBay ) for Marvel Comics # 1 can fetch a as... Be going about your daily life wearing a full-size Marvel sleeping bag idea invisible action,! Physical object should and toy is actually worth quite a few of these timeless characters that are forever etched our... Hot toys depicted the antagonist of the greatest storytellers of our time the invincible Marvel no. Original 1973 figure was missing his white sleeves and red gloves to save some money production! Is missing the last one was sold with the Street Fighter series time on Earth!