He's so amazing! Rusty Blazenhoff 10:44 am Tue Aug 18, 2020 . Left-leaning fans have praised the video as one of Rainbow's best. Watch it below: Dolly Parton Mourns Death Of Brother Randy The country … mucifer: Aug 2020 #3: Randy should be invited to the inauguration! (Original post) woodsprite: Aug 2020: OP: Show it at the Convention. I bet it won't take you long to figure out what song Randy Rainbow's latest parodies. Trump has been his bread and butter for four years (and the reason anyone besides his mother knows who he is). Romley Ventures LLC (dba Randy Rainbow) 447 Broadway, 2nd Floor #448, New York NY 10013, “Two million a hundred two thousand four hundred minutes / How do you measure four years of the lies," he sings. Randy Rainbow Works at Chick-fil-A . ... Kamala! We will leave that to you. Who is Randy Rainbow? Randy Rainbow’s Pronunciation Lesson for Kamala. Joe and Kamala should run off to Vegas and get inaugurated without telling us. world wide wally: Aug 2020 #1: They really do owe Randy that. https://www.facebook.com/RandyRainbowOfficial/posts/3202600939841827 Romley Ventures LLC (dba Randy Rainbow) 447 Broadway, 2nd Floor … tags: Current Affairs, Fun, Kamala Harris, Musical parody, Political Commentary, Political Satire, Randy Rainbow. In the 21 st century, we have Sir Randy of the Rainbow with his bright and brilliant song parodies often plucked from the Broadway stage. Joe Biden Inaugural: Tom Hanks, Lady Gaga And Jennifer Lopez To Perform Today US President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States today. Hey Gurl, Album Release. song that went viral thanks to retweets from Hollywood actors Ben Stiller, Eric McCormack, and Mark … Aug 18, 2020, 10:27 am* Internet Culture . "Kamala! Randy Rainbow | Instagram Randy Rainbow, the hilarious musical performer who regularly parodies Trump, sings to the title tune of the Alan Lerner musical Camelot to celebrate the announcement that Kamala Harris will join Joe Biden on the Democrat ticket for the upcoming US presidential election. Fan Favorite …And One For Melania . Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Randy Rainbow is Dating Mel Gibson . Emmy Announcement 2020. VIDEO: Laura Benanti Returns as Melania Trump to Sing a Parody of 'Belle' From BEAUTY AND THE BEAST How many variations of “Kamala!” to the tune of “Camelot” can we bear? Composer Frederick Loewe would love the fit with Randy Rainbow’s lyrics to support Kamala. New from Randy Rainbow - Kamala! Video Season of Trump. The video has garnered over 600,000 views. Randy Rainbow was born to a Jewish family in Huntington, New York. dianeravitch says: January 20, 2021 at 1:16 pm. Later, they sing: “One day to a new beginning / Here’s to Joe and Kamala / Politics are dull again.” Earlier this week, Randy Rainbow marked the end of Trump's term with a spoof of "Seasons of Love" from the musical Rent. This is the latest parody-song made by Randy Rainbow, on Kamala as Biden's vp and I find it interesting that he chose this knight/queen-theme (in his outfits), given that Kamala Harris was channeled as a warrior cast king. Musical fans are invited to a "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" watch party. 18/08/2020. Musical theater parody master and political commentator Randy Rainbow is very excited about presumed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s selection of Sen. Kamala Harris to be his running mate.In fact, he thinks she’s like a knight in shining armor who will lead the Democratic party to a top-of-ticket victory over incumbent Republican Donald Trump and current vice president Mike Pence.“Will she be … Fan Favorite. Randy Rainbow, Wynton Marsalis and Elvis Costello support a storied jazz club. But it's inspired no shortage of anger too, as the very Republican politicians who have been at the forefront of denying the existence of the virus itself, let alone refusing to do anything about it, have been among the first people to receive the life-saving shot in the arm. RANDY Rainbow's latest video praises Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris to the theme of Camelot the musical. Most Viewed Videos . Hey Gurl, Click for Info. Nahila Bonfiglio. 30 Oct 2020: That's How You Know: Enchanted: Don't Tell Donald He's NOT RE … Watch as she gets a royal welcome with a Camelot twist! Joolz Guides: Marvellously Spiffing London Tour of Pimlico → … VIDEO: Randy Rainbow Sings a Presidential Send-Off with 'Seasons of Trump' RENT Parody! Share this: Email; Tweet; Print; Share on Tumblr; Pocket. “Joe Biden kept a lid on who he would choose to help make Trump’s first term his last hurrah. RANDY Rainbow's latest video praises Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris to the theme of Camelot the musical. Welcome. Reply. Rainbow is a darling among the left-wing political and cultural elite for his anti-Trump YouTube videos, as well as his recent "Kamala!" Randy Rainbow is a comedian, singer, actor, satirist and television personality. – A Randy Rainbow Song Parody. His latest, … The video has garnered over 600,000 views. Also Read: Randy Rainbow Teams With Patti LuPone to Imagine 'If Donald Got Fired' in Song “Rudolph the Leaky Lawyer, had a very slimy face. Mindy Kaling shared a sweet snap of her daughter Katherine, three, as she watched Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden's Inauguration ceremony. Hey Gurl Album Release. By Gary Namie | 2020-08-17T20:35:22+00:00 August 17th, 2020 | Comments Off on Randy Rainbow’s Pronunciation Lesson for Kamala. Randy Rainbow will never … … Recent Videos. Randy Rainbow hails, “KAMALA!” August 17, 2020 larryattheoutfront 3 Comments Broadway, Comedy, Humor, lgbt, Music, Politics, women. In his latest musical parody, Randy Rainbow tributes the lady that everyone is talking about - Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris. Like this: Like Loading... from → Humour, Parody, Politicians, Politics, Satire ← Lincoln Project: Complacent. Most Viewed Videos. I was only 7mo old when JFK was killed. ": Randy Rainbow's latest. The rollout of the vaccine against the virus has brought with it hope that the end of the pandemic is in the offing. Kamala! He grew up in Commack, New York. CottonBear: Aug 2020 #13: This just made my Monday morning! Fritz Walter: Aug 2020 #2: I highly agree! The cancel mob has come for left-wing comedian Randy Rainbow, who is scrambling to apologize for past tweets in which he made ethnic and transgender jokes. In days of yore, troubadours heralded the arrival of warriors and royalty with songs of praise telling of their triumphs. The YouTube singer just released a Kamala Harris song. Comedian Randy Rainbow joined forces with Broadway icon Patti LuPone for a musical parody that takes aim at President Trump's bid for reelection. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit WhatsApp Tumblr. 17 Aug 2020: Camelot: Camelot: I Won't Vote Trump: 13 Sep 2020: I Won't Grow Up: Peter Pan: If Donald Got Fired (featuring Patti LuPone) 7 Oct 2020: If Momma Was Married: Gypsy: How Will You Vote? Randy Rainbow should be groveling at Trump’s feet. Related Posts Don’t Stop BLM … What on earth is he going to sing about now? Left-leaning fans have praised the video as one of Rainbow's best. Throwback Video.