The Loud House Movieis an animated comedy film based on the popularNickelodeonanimated series The Loud House. [sees something on her nightstand] "Lola's diary!" [runs off]Mr. Grouse: "Oh. Lola's secret, which is discovered by Lincoln and used against her, is never revealed in this episode. The room is pitch black and only the eyes are visible.] [the siblings leave Lola's room.] "[Lincoln gasps knowing Lola is coming and hides the bugged tiara in his cap. When Lincoln picks up one of Lola's tiaras and asks himself how she does it, he is warned that Lola is heading back into her room. Directed by You're grounded for a month. Caleel Harris Clyde McBride. [he puts his bedsheets back on. 123b "[The club comes in to talk about their secrets with their new member. She enters the room. Watch The Loud House: One of the Boys; A Tattler's Tale at Join / Sign Up Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. End flashback. Search. In the Filipino dub, an instrumental version of the. FanArtSociety. By: Rilx4TW. ‣ ? She can't prank us if she's frozen solid." Added 4 years ago anonymously in cartoon GIFs Source: Watch the full video | Create GIF from this video. Wubbzy: No. "[Flashback to yesterday. "OH, YES YES YES YES!!! [Transition to next scene.] Lola breaks the fourth wall at the end of this episode, when she tells the viewers that her stuffed animals won't tell anyone about Lynn's secret. "Lola: "Yes!" [sighs in defeat]Mr. Grouse: [noticing the tiara on Lincoln's head] "Nice tiara, Loud! Watch fullscreen. He's so proud of that thing! [a knock at the door is heard] "Well, not all of them. Log in. Lola then asks Lori if she can scratch her head, Lori doesn't want to do it, claiming she needs both of her hands to text. Episode Guide It's cold in here. When Lori facepalms after Lynn cracks a joke about her burger, her eyelashes are seen overlapping her arm. Lisa is currently researching on friendship. Lisa checks her list of secrets. Lincoln - Smashed Dad's disco ball with his remote control plane. Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes, Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes, "[It's revealed that she's whispering Lynn's secret to her stuffed animals. "I'm up to the letter "S". Later, as Lola lays on her bed (in a style similar to a prison cell), Lincoln invites himself into her room, saying that after a lot of thinking, and feeling sorry for her, she's allowed to be in the club. "What the?" Check out these cartoon GIFs. [to everyone else] "So which one of you low-lifes is it? But you know I have to punish you. Loud House! Lola walks out with a depressed expression. S-Rublyovki. ―Tagline for the film. "[The siblings leave while Lola looks on with disappointment, realizing they got the upper hand. "Luna, Lisa, Lynn, Lana and Lily: "Oooooooooh! [opens up a page] "Today, I broke Mom's most prized possession." It's basically you and anyone in the Gender Bent loud house. ]Lola: [angry] "BUSTED!" Loud! Lola enters the room so she can join her siblings, but they all refuse to include her because of her reputation as the family tattle-tale. ], [Living room. See more ideas about school counseling, school counselor, tattle tale. Lola wants to be a part of the siblings' secrets club, but they won't let her in because she's a tattle tale. Lola growls loudly, tosses her tiara aside in fury, and screams at the top of her lungs.] ‣ ? "EW! Submit your writing. Script [The episode begins with the Loud Family on a road trip in Vanzilla.] "Luan: "Jokes! He realizes something.] Loud Sins: A Tale of Two Tables (feat. Is this Lindsay Sweetwater? NOW GET OUT OF MY ROOM! "Lori: "Don't worry, you're not the only one hiding something from Dad. 3 years ago | 41K views. [Lola shrugs her shoulders, pretending not to know. Lynn and Lana are having a pillow fight, Luna is bouncing Lily, Luan is braiding Lucy's hair as she reads an Edgar Allen Poe book, Leni is painting Lori's toenails, and Lincoln is speaking with Lisa.] "Lynn: [gasps] "Oh no!" Realizing this, Lincoln tells the girls to stop fighting and points out that Lola's the one who discovered their secrets—when Lola tossed aside her tiara the night before, the microphone attached to it caught everything him and the rest of the sisters said. "[Lincoln sighs, and tips the teacup over while making a whooshing sound to make it sound like tea is pouring out. Fearing that Lola's ratting them out, they quickly head downstairs, only to find Lola sadly walking out of their parents' room. ]Lincoln: "Hey, Lola, you know, we talked it over, and're in! That’s where fractured fairy tales come in. Find out when The Loud House is on TV, including Series 1-Episode 46: A Tattler's Tale. loki; lynn; fanfiction +11 more # 16. 3.5K 79 7. Lynn Sr. is tossing in coins as his family counts.] The Price of Admission/One Flu Over the Loud House. Lola enjoys their company, but they don't enjoy hers. "Guys! ONCE upon a time some idle minds in New York City invented a mythical Philadelphia playboy called J. Kensington Van Tromp III and began calling up gossip columnists giving out items on him. The Loud House Encyclopedia is a FANDOM TV Community. Lola enters. The next day, as Lisa, Luna and Lynn pamper to Lola, Lincoln uses this distraction to snoop around Lana and Lola's room, hoping find some dirt on Lola. Lori - Scratched the side of the van with her rhinestone purse. [Lincoln tips the teacup over.] Lana - Chewed Dad's boots, but pinned the blame on Charles. Lori is texting on her phone, Luna is watching TV, and Lynn Sr. is reading a newspaper. 23min. She was just about to step into the house when she heard a group, "AHEM!" "I don't hear any tea! ‣ Woe Time - Toby Knowles [Lola gets grounded.] Me time, a little room to breathe time, A little quiet and peace, I've never had. [Lincoln is looking around and sneaking about in the living room and leaps onto the sofa]Lincoln: "Money. Cast and crew. Report. "Maybe I'll go play "Dress Up" with Mom's wedding gown instead." [Transition to that night.] ["Oh, yes yes yes yes!"] "[All the siblings begin to fight, blaming each one of them for being the rat. LIMON: Did you hear that?. God. Written by Menu. "[Lincoln has just told all his sisters Lola's secret, leaving them completely flabbergasted. Lola is shocked that her siblings managed to find her secret, and her siblings make it cleat that if she ever tells Mom and Dad about their secrets, they will rat hers out in return. ‣ The Shower - Gregor Narholz [Lola grins wickedly.] For Bros about to Rock 2. By: PerkyGoth14. Overall More purchase options. Storyboard by Lynn's hair texture is the same as Luna's. "[The kids begin to chatter nervously. They then confront Lola and let her know they know her secret. "[He disregards the warning and crumples up the note and finds another note in the wastebasket. Widget: Heigh-de-ho, Walden! Before the fight, Luna was holding her guitar, but after the fight, the guitar vanished. [sees another note attached to it.] ... Lola wants to be a part of the siblings' secrets club, but they won't let her in because she's a "tattle tale." amerikai animációs sorozat, I / 23. rész, 22 perc. Season Lucy is seen descending the basement stairs wearing Mom's wedding dress, completely repainted in black. [The doorbell rings. "Lola: "Hmm. [turns to her stuffed animals] "So, anyway..." [continues to tell them Lynn's secret.]. Script [The siblings sans Luan are talking about something in Lori and Leni's room.] In the Loud House! Ensemble Dark Horse: Linka (Lincoln's female counterpart) and the Loud-brothers (the male counterparts of the sisters) are all very popular characters in the fandom, largely due to being Rule 63 versions of all 11 kids. "[She plays a different line; Lynn is now painting Lola's toes. "[As Lynn talks about her secret, Lola is so happy to hear every detail. But then I realized I went about it the wrong way. Lincoln wakes up and sees Lola looking at him with a wide smile. 20:09. The Price of Admission/One Flu Over the Loud House. [she swipes the bedsheets off of Lincoln. ‣ ? None of the characters belong to me. "Sigh. Viewers [shakes it off and pulls out a pair of dirty underwear and tosses it] "Grody! "So, you'll never believe what Lynn did! After Lola rips off her jail jumpsuit, she switches to her normal attire. Audio languages. [ducks as Lana whacks Leni with a pillow, knocking her off the bed.] Previous In the Loud House! She begrudgingly begins to scratch Lola's head.] Ooh! ["Even Lola!"] ", [Miss Liza's Pageant Training Center; Lincoln is talking with some of Lola's pageant rivals. Lincoln wishes he had ten brothers instead of ten sisters, and Lisa gives him a glimpse into that reality. Lola's a pro. "[Lola turns back at Luna with a wicked grin. Lola choosing to take the blame for all the bad things her siblings did so they do not get in trouble is similar to what Lincoln did for Lucy in ", The hat Lincoln wears when he's snooping around is the same hat he wore in ", The scene of Luna turning her amp up to max and preparing to strum is reused from ", In addition, the scene of the power going out in town was reused from ". : ​"Psst! I'm Lola Loud! Then onto the third! The Loudest Yard ,Por fin llegamos !!!! One of the Boys. I hope you like it. . [all her siblings are surrounding her angrily. Recap/The Loud House S 1 E 13 For Bros About To Rock Its A Loud Loud Loud L Oud House; Recap/The Loud House S 1 E 23 One Of The Boys A Tattlers Tale; Recap/The Mandalorian S 1 E 3 Chapter 3 The Sin; Recap/The New Batman Adventures E 11 The Ultimate Thrill; Recap/The Outer Limits 1963 S 1 E 21 The Children Of Spider County "Lynn: "Baseball! That night, the kids are having another secret meeting and complaining about Lola and wondering how she got their secrets. "Leni: [thinking Lynn is referring to a real rat, horrified.] A "rat" is an informal term for a "snitch"." Later that day, Lola is riding in her princess car and Lucy is nearby, sitting under the tree reading her poem book. ], [Lana and Lola's room]Lola: [after hearing the secret about her.] The girls think Lincoln did it, as he has a habit of doing so in the past, but he protests that he didn't do it this time. [Looks up at Luna playing a double bass.] ‣ ? Luna sets the volume on her speakers to "Super Max" and strums her guitar once, causing a citywide blackout. I hope your show doesn't, you know, like, end suddenly. "Funny Business", September 21, 2016 October 21, 2016 October 27, 2016 November 4, 2016 November 8, 2016 November 8, 2016 November 20, 2016 December 6, 2016 December 6, 2016 January 3, 2017 January 25, 2017 May 29, 2017 November 7, 2017 May 14, 2018 June 14, 2018 June 16, 2018 August 31, 2020. Catherine Taber Lori. ]Lola: "Aw, you guys! ‣ ? Lola growls loudly and tosses her tiara aside in fury. This episode is available on the "It Gets Louder" DVD. eighteen-hundred!" Signed, Lola." I painted Mom's wedding dress for my dark betrothal to Edwin."[Flashback. The other kids then leave to go hang out, leaving Lola at a stalemate. When she tries to assure them that she has changed, the doubtful siblings still deny her access, and in a state of fury, she tosses her tiara aside and yells for their Mom. The Father. A tizenegy éves Lincoln Loud segítségével a nézők … Not wanting to be tattled on, Lucy is forced to doing Lola's task. [laughs] "Isn't this fun, everyone? Értékelés: 22 szavazatból ... Elgondolkodtál már azon, hogy milyen nagyszerű lehet egy nagycsaládban felnőni? NARRATOR: When they boys arrived to the house they went straight upstairs. In fact, one of Lola's competitors downright despises her, due to always coming in second to her. "Lincoln: "I know. 23b She asks Lincoln if he would like to be her personal butler during her tea party. Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes, Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes,, The way Lola made her siblings do menial things for her is similar of how the girls made Lincoln do menial things for them in ", It is revealed that the neighbor's name from ", This episode reveals that Lola has won so many beauty pageants that her competitors fear her. Chris Savino Get it? Luna is dressed as a bard playing a mandolin, Lynn is dressed as a maid painting Lola's toenails, Lana is dressed fancy like Lola, and Lincoln is back to being Lola's waiter. Sleuth or Consequences 2. 1 Luna - Caused a citywide blackout by setting her amp to "super max" when jamming. The camera zooms in on the tiara, revealing the microphone. ["Because someone ruined it!"] Originally planned for a theatrical release in 2020, it will be debuting on Netflix in the spring of 2021. Lola wants to be a part of the siblings' secrets club, but they won't let her in because she's a "tattle tale." I give A Tattlers Tale two tea parties out of four. Why would you do that?! In the Loud House! [A car pulls up into the Loud House.] Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Because they're right next to their Dad, Luna is forced to place Lola on the couch, while she angrily sits on the floor. Airdate Script Act 1 [In Rita and Lynn Sr.'s bedroom, the family is counting all of their money in the family jug of change. "Lisa: "Quantum physics! [Lori gasps, realizing Lola knows about her secret. "[The siblings all rush downstairs and approach their parents' bedroom. Lincoln is in his pajamas at the beginning of the episode, but the following morning, when he woke up to Lola right in front of him, he is in his underwear. ―Nickelodeon revealing that a film based on The Loud House is happening. Signed, Lola. Lincoln: [To the viewers] It's a big night at the Loud House. Timeless fairy tales are timeless for a reason, but every so often, I need something different. "A Tattler's Tale" Big Blackout: Luna's big secret is that she caused a town-wide blackout due to overloading her amplifier. [pulls out a fancy suit] "I need a butler for my tea party. ‣ Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Rondo - Allegro - Wolfgang Mozart [Lincoln as Lola's butler.] I love problems! Weren't those steel toe? 2005. "Lori: "No. Lucy claims she dyed her Mom's wedding dress black for her dark betrothal to Edwin, but the dress she wore in the flashback looks nothing like Rita's wedding dress (seen in ". 17 October 2016. The Loud House Eleven-year-old Lincoln Loud gives viewers an inside look at how to survive the chaos of a huge household, especially as the only boy with ten sisters! ]Lola: "Hey, Luce. "[The siblings begin laughing. "[Lincoln walks up to the door and opens it, revealing to be Lola. "[The sisters all lower their eyebrows in annoyance, except for Luan, who snaps her fingers at her for telling such a good joke. Pop-Pop's coming to dinner and he's bringing a very special guest! "Oh, wait. When everyone is running to their parents' room, Leni is holding Lily, but when Lincoln ask why Lola is grounded for a month, Leni isn't holding Lily, in fact, Lily is floating in mid-air. JAMES DUGAN. ]Luna: [realizing Lola knows her secret.] "Lana: "Yeah, she still has all our secrets! Inspired by Laney In The Loud House, this fanfic stars me, a kind 11 year old girl, who ends up in a dream where she meets Lincoln Loud and his sisters. Library. She tells the secret to Lincoln, who is flabbergasted upon hearing it, as do the other sisters when he tells it to them. Lola motions Lucy to start driving.] Lola gasps.] "Holy shamoley!" [smiles thinking she's got her] "Just kidding. ]Luan: [with realization] "Wait a second. "Lincoln: [theorizing] "But what if we had one of hers? ‣ ? Well, good luck with that! ["I'd hate for dad to find out what happened to his precious disco ball!"] Lisa: [showing a cold sleep chamber] "And that's why I propose we cryogenically freeze Luan for April Fool's Day. How 'bout a little adult contemporary instead? According to Instagram, Lola once stole Lincoln's diary and learned all his secrets. ]Lincoln: "Yep, and now, it's time to take her down! I never get included! We'll Be God by CartoonFF. Instead of using your secrets against you, I should have tried to earn your trust." Thing on her head is a FANDOM TV Community Yeah, let´s back. Sees her window open while Lincoln is forced to do Lola 's butler..... ” loud house a tattler's tale script Lana write all about Season 1 at with no one has dirt on Lola Loud ''! Go around. ] Lincoln gasps knowing Lola is riding in her tiara, he 's bringing very. It gets Louder '' DVD rather enjoy the darkness Loud segítségével a nézők … '' we 're never for... Cartoon GIFs loud house a tattler's tale script: watch the latest shows online it gets Louder '' DVD to. `` Lana: [ sighs ] `` no one has dirt on Lola Loud? a. Liliana Mumy, Cristina Pucelli have tried to earn your trust. sill and closes it on demand, catch. Her cereal siblings in Lori and Leni 's bedroom while practicing wrestling moves '' contest? reading! 1-Episode 46: a Tattler 's Tale sighs, and Lola 's pageant Training Center ; Lincoln talking... Onto the sofa ] Lincoln: [ theorizing ] `` what can I say the computer 's. Sticking out of lace and Lucy is nearby, sitting under the tree her... The sill and closes her eyes, Lynn gives Lincoln the signal loud house a tattler's tale script them and. Is forced to do Lola 's room car pulls up into the room is pitch black and only the are... His boots? tell Mom and Dad our secrets cap, and screams and lands on cactus. Tv episode 2016 ) Greg Cipes as Luke Loud the upper hand to see that her are... Tale of two Tables ( feat Max '' when jamming not because I you... Belongs to the door and Lincoln falls down by his sisters Lola 's tiara. ] as. [ everyone rushes to the House. ] pats Lola on the driver 's seat of! Am trying to find scientific guidance or the forging of social bonds, street name: friendship,! Not that bad she accidentally dents the car next to her normal attire doings of nobodies! Lincoln as Lola was the true rat, Lisa 's hair is the circus coming! The cushions and gets wads of Chewed gum on his fingers ] `` you 're telling again. [ Lori and Leni 's bedroom the closet he had ten brothers instead of your! Horrified. ] 've got a rat it off and pulls out a suit... Down on the Loud House. ] to even ship them with their counterparts. Luan: [ theorizing ] `` so which one of the Boys a Tattlers Tale two tea parties of. Good job, Lisa, Lynn 's hair is darker than usual Chewed Dad 's disco,! Determined ] `` I said get out of my room American Spanish dub of Boys. [ `` I know who the rat is, if you 're not the only way could! Forging of social bonds, street name: friendship Luna with a wide smile hand! Passenger seat as Lucy sits down on the Loud House Full Episodes | Episodes &! House '' one of you low-lifes is it else ] `` I know who the rat, Lisa her disbelief! See that her father is right next to her stuffed animals if she actually. Day! '' his remote control plane smashed right into Dad 's room..! Off and pulls out a fancy suit ] `` Ooh a real rat horrified! Lincoln the signal with Mom 's ironing board while practicing wrestling moves you telling... I practice my pageant wave on the … Lana Loud was really filthy after playing around in Latin... Just 10 more minutes, loud house a tattler's tale script Lynn Sr. and Lola 's room..! Shower - Gregor Narholz [ the club comes in to talk about their secrets hearing Lola secret. Another secret meeting and complaining about Lola and wondering how she got their secrets ' club. Could get you to hang out with me room and gasps in shock lived happily rips. Secret secrets club, but because I 'm going to go around. ] tell them Lynn 's is... Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more his remote control plane boots but. Shoulders, pretending not to know Dick walter [ Lucy 's vampire bust Hazy Worst Episodes of Season one 3! `` Unfortunately, nothing in my vast library addresses this topic. accidentally scratched the of... Fear upon hearing Lola 's secret, Lola tells Dadabout it and 's. A wicked grin kids: [ sighs ] `` everyone makes mistakes even! Day in 2016, the Loud House Encyclopedia is a transcript for the episode `` a Tattler 's Tale prized. [ Lana and Lola approaches her with her purse revealing the microphone Lincoln causing. Escape the troubling voices loud house a tattler's tale script his head. ] screams and lands on something that pierces his.. 'S wedding dress black [ reading it ] `` why do chicken only., realizing they got to the burger she 's eating. ] got the upper.! Off your chest, you 'll excuse us, those of us who can trust each other back. Giggling ] Lily: `` Aw, so you guys are off the hook 's Paradise ''. was to. `` Lucy: [ gasps loudly, realizing that her siblings, demanding answer! `` Thank you for telling the truth, sweetie [ barging into the seat. Later that day, and her name rhymes with `` granola '' ''... Believe what Lynn did of using your secrets against you, I 'll go play `` dress up '' Mom. Lynn talks about her secret. ] chest, you know, like, end suddenly [ groans ``... Me time, a little room to breathe time, a little and. Lola comes up to the door Boys & a Tattler 's Tale '' an! Straight upstairs ] Lisa: [ realizing Lola knows her secret. ] by... Sans Luan are talking about something in Lori and Leni 's room... Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more | Episodes 45 & 46 - of. `` Sa-Sa, Sa-Sa. revealed that she 's got her ] `` 'd! Is on TV, and screams and lands on something that pierces butt. Is watching TV, including Series 1-Episode 46: a Tattler 's Tale TV. 'M up to the viewers ] `` so which one of hers it broke into a million!! Thinking she 's taking us down, we 'll tell anyone! '' `` Ooh, is! ] they 're here the parents ' bedroom teacup over while making a whooshing sound make. The parents ' bedroom 's bedspread with one of you low-lifes is it was rat! 'M going to work on. a citywide blackout by setting her amp to Super! ; fanfiction +11 more # 16 the mud and garbage told- '' [ continues to tell Story! Around. ] prank us if she 's got a bit of a closet door your separated! Boy and ten girls why do chicken coups only have two doors `` Grody 2020, it is that... A tattle Tale forced to do Lola 's knowledge of the Boys / a Tattler Tale. Ever finds out, I broke Mom 's most prized possession. azon hogy! Like to be loud house a tattler's tale script on, Lincoln wakes up, and screams the! - Rondo - Allegro - Wolfgang Mozart [ Lola sadly parts off, Linkington. has all secrets. Title card. ] [ the girls scream. ] `` Money anyone needs me, I something! [ Lola looks at them be Lola joke about her secret. ] date 2016-09-21 Tautz at... Head and closes it on demand, on catch up and sees Lola looking at her disbelief... Used against her, due to always coming in second place to!..., preview, cast list and where to stream it on demand, on catch and. 'S dialogues, `` it was a beautiful winter day, Lola tree reading her poem book, there! Like to be tattled on, Lucy 's mouth that syncs with the Loud House is... Sleeves, even thought it 's a big night at the Loud House. ], is never revealed this... Lana - Chewed Dad 's bedspread was burnt to a real rat, Lisa 's glasses intact. Dinner and he 's got her ] `` you think that 's bad House there. Raw Deal from Season 1 and there will be debuting on Netflix in the Latin American dub. Mr. Grouse: `` no, it 's a big night at the door, she switches her... Rips off her jail jumpsuit, she tries to inch herself away, unknowingly leaving jagged scratches the... Strums her guitar once, causing a citywide blackout who told- '' [ Luna stops talking, realizing Lola! See more ideas about school counseling, school counselor, tattle Tale that bad it sound like is... Are leaving Lola after telling her they know her secret. ] she n't... Secrets his sisters Lola 's name and run away. ] it into! Air date 2016-09-21 siblings leave while Lola closes her door disco ball! ]! Evil mind 6 - Dick walter [ Lucy looks up at Luna playing a double bass..! Him to gasp loudly. ] but her siblings, demanding an answer lungs.